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Released on: November 12, 2015, 9:38 am (EST)
Industry: Marketing

Barcelona, Spain, November 12, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- “When consumer choose to buy a product or service, they are also buying its brand image, and most people will seek out those images that are engaging and positive” (Chuck Cohn, Fobes, 2015).

At Eyeforbrands, we believe that user generated content will shortly exceed branded content and we believe that transparent communication is the new black. We are also convinced that brand perception has to deal with customers experience, so we devote our energy to share those precious moment the right way.

Three people coming from the Event & Entertainment Industry developed Eyeforbrands, a tech project related to their area of expertise.

Olivier Geynet, CEO of the company has a 100% marketing background, with a clear focus on creativity and out of the box communication projects. Few years ago, he organized the first DJ set ever in a commercial flight to promote a major Spanish Airline with David Guetta.

Antoine Delmas, co-founder of Eyeforbrands, has solid experiences in managing innovative projects and rely on strong connections around the world in the Event & Entertainment Industry to expand the company toward new markets.

Marcello Monti also co-founder of the company, leads the sales department. He was in charge of managing sales for several Italian fashion brands before becoming the manager and owner of different nightlife venues in Ibiza and Barcelona.

After months of brainstorming, they came up with the idea of Eyeforbrands, a user-friendly app that provides a young and creative way to empower companies’ brand visibility on social media, directly from their stores or their events.

What’s interesting is the branding of the picture that rely directly to the company and the event.

These are one several strong benefits of using branded pictures for companies:

1) High customer engagement with the brand
By sharing branded pictures on their social media, the customer is not only sharing the event but also the experience he is having to his entire community and so empowering the brand. The general habit of taking and sharing pictures is very familiar nowadays and marketing research showed that 40% of people respond better to visual content on social media and that self-branding content is 60 times more shareable.

2) Cost effective communication
As the customer is sharing himself the branded picture, he became a new advocate for the brand. At this point, the company gets the chance to reach a large community in a short period of time. The interesting combination of high audience reached and low costs involved relies on the fact that contents are issued by consumers. This is key and differentiate our approach from a more traditional one.

3) Long term impact
Investment in marketing can bring lots of followers but the quality of this new database needs to be carefully considered. On top of engaging deeply customers with their brand, the company collects data directly from its customers in a non intrusive way that can be used for future marketing campaigns.

The new marketing trends are clearly about enhancing customers’ experiences so that they remember a brand and relate to it even after using the product.

According to McKinsey “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated” (2014).

Moreover, reaching a high percent of fans on Facebook is becoming harder as its algorithm now limits the organic reach in order to promote its own paid tools. The algorithm, however; still put emphasis on posts’ interactions which allows our branded pictures to get high performance in this area. From our previous campaigns, we recorded that branded pictures reach 45 likes and 5 comments on average; usually enough to be highlighted on Facebook news feed.

By showing what and how a customer experienced a product or a service and by relating this visually to the brand, Eyeforbrands makes the most of social media.

It is also important to take into consideration that the application is easy to implement for companies and that it is provided with a user friendly platform to keep track and analyse the impact of the campaign.

Eyeforbrands has already been working with companies that are the leaders in their relative industries such as Sony, Belvedere group, David Guetta, and Les Caves du Louvre.

We also recently worked with Samsung and the agency Willie Beamen on an event at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The application was integrated into every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that hostesses hold during the show to capture exclusive moments. This successful experience can be briefly illustrated:

 More than 150 branded photos taken
 Collection of 90 e-mail addresses and Facebook ID (people took more than one picture!)
 60% of the attendees decided to receive their picture on their email address, the rest posted them on Facebook.
 58% of those who received first their picture by mail ended up sharing it on Facebook.
 The score of interactions for picture reaches 58 likes and 4 comments as an average.

This event created a lot of interactions on social media and invited the consumer to be part of it. This was perceived by attendees as a funny interaction with Samsung during the show.

Although there are many ways for using pictures on social media, our clients also implemented Eyeforbrands for in-stores activities to release daily communication, new collections or merchandising.

What makes Eyeforbrands different?
Our magic is a powerful young vision and expertise on events. To share this energy with our clients, we offer them our support starting from day one. This means that we study their brand use cases to build together a creative strategy and design the logo with the branded pictures. Eyeforbrands is not just a one-day-use product, it can be included in an entire marketing strategy following the company from its retail stores, its events and even its partnerships actions.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information,

The Eyeforbrands Team


Contact-Details: Constance Barrial du Breuil

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