Euro Pets gives Pet Owners a Complete Health guarantee for All Pets, Promising their Ideal Fitness and Behavior!

Released on: November 4, 2015, 4:38 pm (EST)
Industry: Retail

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 4, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Over the years the inhabitants of Dubai have developed a new found love and attraction towards dogs and puppies. Pet shop owners also attest to the fact along with recent reports; that show a marked rise in the demand for dogs. Upon inquiry about the latest trends in Pet shops in Dubai a pet owner replied, “Many people walk in asking for the finest puppy’s and dog’s of various breeds. German shepherds, golden retrievers and beagles are particularly popular”

This increased love and interest towards pets, accompanied with new found awareness and knowledge regarding pet health has made potential pet owners more concerned about the well being of their pets. They are much more worried about their pets and want to make sure on every way that the pet they are including in their family is perfectly healthy.

Euro Pets plays a forefront role in this respect, and has been providing customers with pedigree certificates, a strict policy of supplying no puppy mill dogs and the guarantee that all of their dogs are well trained along with a variety of over 100 dog breeds to choose from. They are undoubtedly the ideal place to buy pets from, leaving no stone unturned to get you the best little buddy in the market.

Now taking the next step in providing customers the best possible pets without the least bit of worrying. Euro Pets introduces a 100% health guarantee of their pets declaring them free from any disability or illness common among dogs and puppies. Many pet owners have reported to have had terrible experiences with previous pets complaining of them of having a high temperament, being untrained or eventually falling terminally ill. One such experience a pet owner narrated was;

“I was so ecstatic on buying my first poodle I loved it like a baby but after just a couple of weeks it fell ill, didn’t eat or sleep and was always sluggish. I took him to the veterinarian and he revealed that he had a terminal illness that could only be treated through surgery”

Many Puppies given to owners may already be infected with illnesses and diseases but the symptoms may not have become apparent as of them. In order to avoid being scammed and cheated in this way, pet owners should purchase puppies from pet shops that value their trust and give them every form of evidence and guarantee they require. Euro Pet customers are provided with such assurance and can be relieved of the worry that their pet has ever had any contact with any virus like the Parvo Vorus, Distemper, Corona, Rabies, Hepatitis, Parainfluenze or any other illness for that matter.

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