Released on: November 9, 2015, 4:02 am (EST)
Industry: Education

Dubai, U.A.E., November 9, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Music includes the study of instruments, and in light of this Impact Centres has devised and launched their Mini-Muso’s programme for kids between the ages of 5-6 in order to start them early and build their knowledge through a range of fun activities.

Music has so much to offer in terms of knowledge and education from vocal training to musical theatre and instrumental learning. Impact Centres has done a stellar job of offering the best in music classes as they go onto their eleventh year in the field, and have over the years implemented a series of programmes catered towards different age groups in order to ensure their students are always on the appropriate study level. Along with music classes, they also offer dance classes supported by some of the most talented and experienced staff available in Dubai. ‘Mini-Muso’s’ is Impact Centres latest venture, targeted towards 5-6 year olds in enabling them to learn the various aspects and basics of musical instruments.

Although catching onto instruments can be a little confusing at first, Impact centres has introduced the programme together with activities that make the learning process a lot more fun and engaging which increases the students’ success rates. Not only do they get to learn a range of different instruments as part of their music classes such as percussion, guitar, and piano, they also have the chance to construct their own musical instruments which is involving them creatively, enabling them to focus on how a particular instrument sounds a certain way. This also crafts the ability to notice the difference between a string instrument and wind instrument for example through this exercise. Furthermore, through song and dance, children of this age group are able to focus and remain interested in the subject matter which is how Impact Centres has structured the ‘Mini-Muso’s’ curriculum.

‘Impact Centres tries to include students from all ends of the age spectrum and aims to provide comprehensive training programmes to all these age groups. Art is not something that should be restricted by age, and though the techniques for teaching may vary for each level be it music classes or dance classes, the core of the subject is the same. In fact, we have seen through our engaging and active programmes, students of very young ages are able to catch on quite quickly and progress towards higher levels as they exercise their creativity. Through the introduction of Mini-Muso’s, we aim to teach young children the beauty of musical instruments, and how they produce the sounds we know and love. We are very excited to see the dimensions this could bring to our music programme.’ – Bryony Moule, Managing Director

Impact Centres has been in operation for 11 years under the guidance of Managing Director, Ms. Bryony Moule. With her vast background in the arts owing to her mother’s significant presence in the world of opera performances, Ms. Moule is able to recruit and retain some of the best in the industry assuring excellence in all their programmes. A range of classes are on offer spanning between music and dance from vocal training to musical theatre, choir, ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop to name a few. They are also offered across different ages so classes maybe conducted with peers of the same capabilities. Impact Centres hosts public performances annually providing exposure and building confidence doing so. To find out more information visit www.impactcentres.com. Alternatively, you could also find them at Motorcity or DUCTAC.

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