New Vision Eye Center introduces new technologies to take eye care in Dubai to a new level

Released on: November 5, 2015, 10:22 am (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

DUBAI, November 5, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- New technologies making eye treatments more effective

New Vision Eye Center has been at the top of their game ever since they began serving the public with quality eye care services as they promised. Through the years they have been open to changes and new technologies, continuously evolving around their treatment options for various eye conditions that affect people of all ages.

The new vision eye center has set up different teams to handle the major different types of eye conditions that affect people in general. The cataract institute and the new vision retina center are the two main divisions. It is of utmost importance to keep these areas up and running at all times and to continuously look into new treatment options for these areas.

Cataracts are known to affect more than half of the population at some time in their life. It is most commonly seen in the elderly clients. This eye condition is fairly common and has been treated in many ways for centuries. What used to be a major surgery procedure where the patients require to be admitted for days, has now become a simple outpatient procedure which is convenient for the patients in many ways. They can even return to work the next day as long as they follow the advice given by the doctor towards a faster recovery.

The Alcon’s LenSx Laser is the new technology implemented by the New Vision Eye Center towards successful cataract surgeries. It is a laser procedure which is computer aided and bladeless. This allows the surgeons to sketch out and carry out the surgery successfully with personalized specifications for each patient which was not possible to attain with other methods.

The Retina Center focuses on diagnosing and treating macular degeneration as one of their main services. To carry out the treatment, the diagnosis has to be very accurate. The Heidelberg Spectralis is trusted by the specialist at New Vision Eye Center to carefully and accurately diagnose macular degeneration.

The New Vision Eye Center is also working with selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, known as SLT for treating the eye condition known as Glaucoma.

Contact the team at New Vision Eye Center for more details on new technologies and procedures practiced to offer the best service to the public,
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