Four Writers with Different Perspectives Converge in The Complete Writer

Released on = June 7, 2005, 5:42 pm

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Press Release Summary = Write. Sell. Repeat. Four authors from varying backgrounds show readers how to become the writers they were meant to be.

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What happens when a group of published writers with different specialties gets together? A book is born! In The Complete Writer from Red Engine Press, four
authors with varying backgrounds blend their knowledge to create one of the most comprehensive writing manuals around.
Joyce Faulkner, author of Losing Patience and the upcoming In the Shadow of
Suribachi, is a petroleum engineer with an MBA who puts her stories together with precision. She uses her knowledge of electronic business tools like PDAs, digital recorders and Excel spreadsheets to help writers use tech tools to their advantage.

Pat McGrath Avery, author of They Came Home, is a business writer and interviewer. She is also a publisher. In The Complete Writer, she shares ways to make money with nonfiction and editing, as well as writing resumes and cover letters.

Beverly Walton-Porter, editor at Scribe and Quill and author of Sun Signs for Writers, due out August 2006 from Writer's Digest Books, has had hundreds of
articles published. As a longtime freelance writer, she covers every aspect of the business from querying to marketing to publication.

Mindy Phillips Lawrence, author of One Blue Star, teams up with the others to discuss writing and mindfulness. She also shares how to find inexpensive sources for magazines in order to study them for successful query letters.

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Category: Nonfiction
Title: The Complete Writer
Authors: Joyce Faulkner, Mindy Phillips Lawrence, Pat McGrath Avery,
Beverly Walton-Porter
Publisher: Red Engine Press
# Pages: 174
Perfect Bound
ISBN: 0-9745652-0-2
Pub Date: August 2005

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Contact Details = Red Engine Press
614 Wal Mart Drive #114
Farmington, MO 63640

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