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Released on = June 22, 2005, 11:08 pm

Press Release Author = Dan Noyes

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Decorate your home with beautiful and elegant futons by
shopping online at

Press Release Body = Futons and futon covers have emerged as a fashion statement,
and the right assortment can give your home a new look. To make the most of this
wonderful accessory, www.futoncoverusa.comhas the right range, correct prices, and
support services available. These are fast gaining popularity and visibility in
homes across America. With futoncoverusa you can choose from the best range of futon
covers available. Read on to know more.

To suit your décor, you can pick up from a vivid range in prints today. Opt from
animal prints, florals, southwest prints, retro, solids, premium solids, abstract
prints, Asian prints, stripes and plaids. You can pick up a few designs, so that
redecorating can be easy and fun. Choose colors that match your interiors and
furniture styles. Contemporary prints suit offices and corporate houses well,
florals are best for bedrooms and the retro style may suit your sitting well. You
can also choose themed covers for your child’s or teenager’s room or for your

You can choose from a range of materials too. We have the cool comfortable cottons
for the summer season and rough-weather leather for cushions that need it. Besides
you can pick from elegant suedes, pretty silks, tapestries, denims to name a few.
The kind of material also influences the look of your home or office. Elegant suedes
and silks suit elegant settings and comfortable cottons can do wonders by making the
entire ambience cool and pleasant.

We have a wide range of colors too. Choose solid colors, pastels, premium solids and
light and dark colors. While light colors give a feeling of space and make rooms
look larger, dark colors are well suited for large rooms. Whatever the room size is,
opt for colors that suit the ambience well.

Often while the look of the covers is good, maintenance is tough. At, the covers are easily removable and washable, making them
very easy to maintain. Also specific care instructions are provided wherever

At you can be best assured of quality and pricing. The
organization has clearance pricing on all its products and provides free shipping
services also. All this is based on its vast experience that makes it a strong
organization. The organization has plenty of excellent stock and if you are
considering bulk purchases, you can also get fabric swatches of required designs.

Web Site =

Contact Details = phone : 888-388-6687


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