Increasing demand for Internet commercials

Released on = June 17, 2005, 4:34 am

Press Release Author = Florida eCommercials Inc.

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Florida eCommercials now working with web design and Internet marketing agencies to help meet demand.

Press Release Body = Web design and Internet marketing agencies nationwide are providing high quality streaming Internet Commercials for their clientele by utilizing the services of Florida eCommercials(TM) and receive a referral bonus at
the same time. Florida eCommercials(TM) works as a subcontractor for end-to-end production and streaming of TV quality commercials that are played on websites of businesses and organizations to dramatically improve their Internet marketing

Samples from the growing Florida eCommercials nationwide portfolio can be seen at

President of Florida eCommercials(TM), Gary Rohland, explains: "A tremendous advantage of this service is that here is no need to wait for broadband penetration to increase to some magic number for our eCommercials to be utilized. Due to the technology used, eCommercials play smoothly and instantly on both broadband and dialup connections, with no downloads or plug-ins by the end user. Moreover, there is no need for web designers or Internet marketing agencies to make dramatic changes
to their existing customer websites or to change hosting arrangements, since we stream the player and eCommercial onto the websites for them. The end result for web designers and Internet marketing agencies is that they have a simple, revenue
generating solution to provide Internet commercials, streaming video, video Email, and streaming audio for their clients through Florida eCommercials(TM). Most
importantly, web designers and Internet marketing agencies will realize improved client satisfact
ion and future referrals from existing clients due to their ability to provide high quality streaming Internet commercials and video Email for less than the price of a newspaper ad."

For more information on Florida eCommercials(TM), eCommercial production, streaming audio, streaming video and video Email services, please visit

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Contact Details = Florida eCommercials Inc.
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Tampa, FL


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