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Press Release Summary = is pleased to unveil the Clock Book series, first-ever interactive soundbooks featuring both digital and analog clock displays to help kids learn to tell time, in a unique offering that leverages the benefits of licensed characters and interactive sound technology, but doesn't get in the way of kids' fun or learning.

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Each full-color, graphic-rich book takes young readers through a series of adventures with their favorite characters over the course of an action-packed day. Clock Book covers feature a built-in analog clock with large, moveable hands designed for easy manipulation by small fingers. With each adventure, a child is prompted to set the hands of the analog clock to the time corresponding to that part of the story. In addition, a digital display is featured directly beneath the clock
face. When the child sets the clock hands and presses the "TIME" button, the digital clock displays the same time, while the Clock Book announces the hour aloud."Parents love Clock Book because the engaging stories and characters make it perfect for bed-time or story-time, while the play pattern offers an ideal opportunity to
help children master the ability to tell time," said Kerry Cunnion, Executive Vice President of PIL, one of the nation's top three children's book publishers for ages six and under. "We expect the series to be widely popular through this holiday season and year-round."

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12860 Beach Blvd. #G-454,
Stanton, CA 90680
fax/phone (775) 458-6914

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