Internet Recruiting Takes a Giant Leap Forward

Released on = July 25, 2005, 3:03 pm

Press Release Author = Resource Edge, LLC -- Terri Jax

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Las Vegas based Software Company launches software enhancements revolutionizing Internet recruiting practices.

Press Release Body = On July 27th, sourcing resumes on the Internet will be faster and easier than ever. Searching for resumes on the Internet used to take hours out
of a recruiter’s day going to different pay sites, free sites, communities, etc. Fortunately, new technology is bringing this tedious task to a screeching halt. With hot, new spider software programs, users can find those same resumes in seconds as opposed to hours.

In just 2 days, Resource Edge, LLC. will shake up sourcing practices forever by introducing the biggest enhancement to their TalentHook spidering software ever: Advanced Searching.

This release marks the next generation in searching for recruiters everywhere. This powerful technology allows recruiters to easily create complex, targeted searches
over the entire world wide web, pay boards, free boards, and more in just a few clicks, in just a few seconds as opposed to hours. The technology is at its finest;
new resources have been added, speed and accuracy has been refined, and that is only the beginning.

As more and more recruiters use this spider technology, previous searching practices become far too time consuming. “Going forward, recruiters are going to have to use spider software just to keep up with their competition. It will be a necessary and every day part of the recruiting process for every one,” adds spider user Racquel
Cunningham of Headway Corporation.

Long time customer of TalentHook, Chris Miller, of CAMiller Corp adds, “(This) will allow my company to greatly improve productivity and take on more search
assignments.” Spider users are seeing a solid return on investment.

Another exciting part of this new release is that existing customers like Chris will automatically receive the update that day just by launching the program. “We wanted
to make it easy for our users to get the update, so we automated it,” says CEO Phil Gonzalez. There are no fees to existing customers for the enhancements, no new
software to buy or download.

Head Engineer, Benjamin Grosse spent months developing and perfecting the new features. “As an engineer, something that always excites me is taking a terrific
product and making it better. That's exactly what we've done to TalentHook with the implementation of this advanced search technology. Since the beginning, TalentHook has been a tool that saves our users lots of time...but now that they can move beyond basic search into the realm of advanced search and logic, (internet
recruiting) has taken an enormous leap forward.”

Additional, major enhancements are expected to be announced later this year. Gonzalez states, “We looked at the common frustrations of recruiters in the industry
and worked to come up with solutions. Although, I can’t go into detail about our future plans, suffice to say that our next move will make current sourcing practices a thing of the past.”

If you would like more information about TalentHook or spider technology, please contact or visit us on the web at


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Contact Details = 6363 S Pecos
Las Vegas, NV 89120

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