New Web site for Western Pacific Travel focusing on Global Travel, by air, sea, cars, with all the links you need including those to Hotels and other facilities.

Released on = July 3, 2005, 5:28 am

Press Release Author = Rolf M Jacobsohn

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Singapore July 3, 2005 -- Western Pacific Travel.Com published its improved web site today on the Internet at:


Press Release Body = The site contains information about booking travel and buying products on line.Visitors will be able to find out the latest specials, prices, and discounts on
flights,hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises and holiday packages as well as products offered in the virtual malls.

The site also covers train bookings, weather forecasts, ATM locators and banks as well as credit and debit card information. Insurance covering Travel, Health, Car and Home. Information on health advisories, nutrition and safety.

In order to stay in touch, a section on Computers, covers on line access, software , Wifi hot spot locations while the Mobile phone section provides travelers with an assortment of options from Skype to calling cards and subscription services.

The virtual malls have practically everything else one could wish for.

In the luggage area there are also two links to companies who will ship luggage for you, so that you only need to take your carry-on bag.

The last part covers Maps, and Books as well as Travel Guides and links to firms who will book tickets for you at sports or cultural events. An additional page has been
added for German speaking visitors in Europe.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Rolf M Jacobsohn, 259 Arcadia Road # 02-08. Singapore 289852, phone/fax 64698702, e-mail:

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