Trucking in with RFID Ship2Save provides RFID Enhancing Infrastructure for Transport Company Liaison CAN/US Courier (1986) Inc.

Released on = July 24, 2005, 9:43 pm

Press Release Author = Ship2Save

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Ship2Save has deployed an Radio Frequency Identification enabled infrastructure for Liaison Can/Us Courier and its fleet of trucks

Press Release Body = Ship2Save has deployed an Radio Frequency Identification enabled infrastructure for Liaison Can/Us Courier and its fleet of trucks. Liaison Can/Us Courier has used Ship2Save integration and consulting services to develop and deploy an RFID infrastructure that will enable them to provide RFID powered transportation services throughout North America. The model and its underlying RFID hardware network will help improve internal productivity and provide an additional value tool for their customers.

President and CEO of Liaison Can/US Courier Yves D’Amours comments: “Our main goal in deploying this solution is to help our customers. That means, provide them with a way of shipping their goods through us while providing RFID repacking and tracking services, whether for compliance or efficiency”

Services like RFID repacking are useful when suppliers shipping through the transport company need to comply with various Mass-Merchandiser mandates, without
the need for an extensive investment. The Tracking services provide real-time automated data of goods during transit and at individual Distribution Centers and

Daniel Rosetti, Director of Operations at Liaison Can/Us Courier, knows all to well the demanding and competitive market, that is transportation. “You always need to
press ahead in transportation. With fluctuating currency exchanges, escalating fuel costs, you need to find a way of staying ahead. We looked to our customers to see
what they are currently demanding and RFID came up on top of the list. The great thing about it, is you not only can provide this amazing servicing tool for them,
but internally it helps speed up loading, reducing errors, and automates a great deal of activities.”

Using Ship2Save’s RFID Repacking and Unit in Transit systems Liaison Can/Us Courier continues its operations into the 21st Century with a brand new service portfolio,
RFID Enabled Trucks.
Executive Business Analyst Konrad Konarski of Ship2Save, states: “Their are dozens of ways RFID can improve efficiencies within the transportation
industry. Three of the most obvious are cross docking, on the road tracking, and inventory management. With cross-docking, you can automatically redirect vehicles and employees to appropriate gates depending on if a specific truck is about to dock there. In respect to on the road tracking, well our Unit in Transit System pretty much sums things up, visibility of individual cases on a click-enabled map. And of course the obvious, inventory management, these big transportation firms need to store their customer goods somewhere also, so the typical RFID enabled warehouse is also there for transportation..”

Ship2Save expects to deploy further such systems in the near future as the demand for RFID within the trucking industry grows.

About Ship2Save
Ship2Save is one of the industry leaders in cost effective RFID Solutions and is a founding member of the Canadian Microsoft RFID Council, a member of the Microsoft
Global RFID Council, and a member of Texas Instruments Tag-It Team. Ship2Save's unique product lines, flexible and proficient software, business development models,
and distinctive deployment services, offer customers cost effective and high quality solutions for their logistic needs.

About Liaison CAN./US. (1986) Inc.
The company has been at the forefront of the cross-border industry for over 15 years. Growing from a small courier to a full fledged international freight forwarder. The company offers a wide range of services, including transport,
handling, and custom clearance.

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