New Non-profit Vibrantly Changes Stereotypes About Disability

Released on = August 26, 2005, 4:46 am

Press Release Author = Gary Norman/ National Council for Support of Disability Issues

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = National Council for Support of Disability Issues to proactively educate the public about ability and abolish the historical segregation of persons with disabilities.

Press Release Body = A non-profit, which constitutes a successor to the previously named organization of National Council of Students With Disabilities, has been founded and renamed as the National Council for Support of People With Disabilities. “We have founded and renamed this non-profit in order to proactively educate the public about ability and abolish the historical segregation of persons with
disabilities. Just in its adolescence, the organization has already attracted some 110 members, created an impressive website and website store at http://, and has worked with talented artists, writers, other non-profits and volunteers on such projects as the Able Crew, to educate that there is only ‘ability in disability’,” said its executive director Trisha Fink. NCSD is a registered §501C3 public charity
to which one can make tax-deductible contributions. All staff are volunteers. Our goals are:

• Provide a means for sharing information, resources, ideas and support between people with all types of disabilities.

• Encourage and support people with disabilities to reach economic independence through opportunities in education, information and employment.

• Provide information on current legislative issues that affect civil rights, accessibility and the safety of people with disabilities.

• Encourage voting for whatever candidate supports their own interests.

• Advance the attitudes, consideration, respect and awareness of the general public toward people with all disabilities, by demonstrating their abilities, talents, skills and capability.

• Increase self-esteem and strive for perfection in their own manner within their disability.

• Increase enjoyment of life through sports, recreation and social interaction.

The organization has already met these goals by providing a website, People Resources, that facilitates a job bank for employers and job seekers with disabilities, and a personal development page with links. This allows disabled users of the Internet to utilize the organizations website to enroll in and complete a number of different courses. “We are most proud of our early accomplishment of The Able Crew, which is a comic book and e-based set of educational activities for youth, disabled or not. This portrays kids with disabilities playing and achieving accomplishments just like their able-bodied counterparts and learning self-pride in their disability at the same time,” said Trisha Fink. It also has examples of what people with different disabilities experience and how they can be disrespected.

Persons that chair this non-profit have disabilities themselves. Among their number are its president – Jason Perry, a blind law student and Ph.D. candidate at the Ohio State University, and Gary C. Norman, Esq., a blind attorney and civil rights activist. “We are pleased to possess association with this vibrant young non-profit. As much as the law is a tool to the eradication of unlawful discrimination, the more important instrument of cultural change must occur if
equality is to happen on any array of issues related to minority populations,” said Gary C. Norman, Esq.

And, eradicating unlawful discrimination and the stereotypes from which it flows is exactly what the non-profit is accomplishing, one comic book at a time.

For questions about persons with disabilities or for technical assistance, you may contact its executive director or Gary C. Norman, Esq., a director, visually impaired attorney and founder of the Maryland Area Guide Dog Users, Inc., at, or

Web Site =

Contact Details = Trish Fink
3870 Mountain Road
Haymarket, VA 20169
703-731-3146 cell


Gary Norman


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