SMS Reverse Billing Provider Offers More Cost Effective Service

Released on = August 11, 2005, 6:45 am

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Press Release Summary = SMS Reverse Billing Provider Eagle Eye Technology Offers More Cost Effective Service

Press Release Body = 11 August 2005, London, UK

SMS Reverse Billing Provider Offers More Cost Effective Service

SMS Reverse Billing Provider Eagle Eye Technology Offers More Cost Effective Service


Mobile specialists, Eagle Eye Technology introduces Dakota, a reverse billed SMS application, to a wider business audience,
with improved functionality.

Dakota now allows anyone, individual or company, with web access and an account with Eagle Eye Technology to set up a text message competition in minutes that can be run throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

Ed Pippin, Co-Director at Eagle Eye Technology comments, “Dakota was created to meet a need in the market place, a need that our customers were coming to us with. Earlier versions of the system had no web front end and had to be set up by us. By working closely with our existing clients and evaluating their feedback Dakota has evolved, and now allows the customer to set up competitions when they want, rather than having to wait for us to do it.”

Current clients already include Teletext Betfred, Sportsgate and Action Medical

In addition to the new web front end, Dakota can now convert all messages received to emails that are then sent to any address that the customer nominates. The new system also has the added ability to trigger a reverse bill message that is immediately sent to the end user. Customers can choose on a per competition basis how much to charge the end user for sending in an entry. This can vary from no charge to £5.00 per entry. Dakota uses php built web pages and a MySQL database to capture and report on all the data that the system uses.

Stephen Rothwell, Co-Director at Eagle Eye Technology explains, “What this means is that in the same way as Big Brother charges fans for voting via text message for who they want to be evicted, you can charge your customers for sending you messages. The text messaging is almost instantaneous. Our system shows you (in real time) how many people have entered each competition, when they entered, what they wrote and
can split people into the separate entries that you have created.”

Pippin continues, “Dakota is for anyone who wants to interact with their customers via text message. It is perfect for running text message competitions, poll voting and simple ‘text us your comments’ services on radio, television, magazines, newspapers, internet and any other medium.

Each account can receive as many text messages as get sent to it, therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are a small company hoping for the odd text feedback from the label on your premium olives or you are a TV channel with millions of viewers.”

Marcus Thornley, Premium Services Account Manager at Teletext says, “Dakota is very user-friendly. It gives us an amazing feedback opportunity, in that we can get
immediate reaction from our viewers to breaking news stories and the new functionality that allows us to receive all customer text messages as emails makes
the job of the editorial team much easier. Teletext has been using Dakota to both get feedback and to enable our customers to quickly and easily enter competitions
that we create, thus driving our customers back to our analogue and digital platforms to see if they have won.”

“With the same access to the Network Operators as the largest reverse billing systems in the UK, Dakota can operate on the same level as any other service in the marketplace but is considerably more cost effective. We expect people new to this marketplace to come on board and we expect companies that already use other similar tools on the market to take it up due to the excellent running costs and level of service,” Pippin concludes.

At the end of each competition set up the system will notify the customer of the obligatory terms and conditions that they must display or tell their users.


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the team.

The media spokesperson for Eagle Eye Technology is Stephen Rothwell and Ed Pippin, Directors.

About Eagle Eye Technology

Eagle Eye Technology has been operating since 2002. They are a Mobile Technology Consultancy and Software Company who supply 'Creative Thinking for Mobile Technologies'. Eagle Eye Technology were established to make it easier for public and private organisations to interact with their customers through the use of mobile technologies, and they work at the heart of the mobile arena with contacts in companies throughout the entire mobile value chain.

They supply mobile solutions to companies who have not previously entered the mobile market place and those who are old hats but are looking to do something new. Eagle Eye Technology also supply web based solutions to companies whose use for mobile
technology may be at some point in the future but who need a world class web presence now. The people involved in Eagle Eye Technology designed, built and run the UK's largest reverse billed SMS platform for Teletext. Other clients include Corney & Barrow wine bars in London and the East Somerset NHS Trust.

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