The Artist Chitra Ramanathan to Lecture at The Royal
Academy of Arts, London

Released on = September 29, 2005, 1:51 pm

Press Release Author = About the artist Chitra Ramanathan

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = he artist-painter Chitra Ramanathan, most known for her colorful large mixed-media textural large scale paintings, will lecture about her career and painting techniques at the Royal Academy of Arts, London on October 24 and 25, 2005

Press Release Body = Following the renovation of the Hotel Bellagio last year, two mixed media textural paintings each measuring 4 feet by six feet in dimension by the artist Chitra Ramanathan have been permanently displayed at the entrance of the Cafe Bellagio at Las Vegas, Nevada. This was a corporate/public commission completed by
the artist Chitra Ramanathan for the MGM Mirage Design Group painted in the artists' signature style of abstract painting.

Chitra's paintings exemplify her love of nature as well as the subjectivity of each individual's unique pursuit of happiness. Her painting procedure often entails making mental notes of a scene in nature, including the lighting, colors, and textures. She then uses these impressions in her studio to replicate the subject matter in an abstracted form, using rich physical textures, intense colors, and
varied media.

Chitra Ramanathan has been invited by Maurice Cockrill for lecturing at the Royal Academy of Arts London in October 2005 to speak about her career and her painting techniques. A professional artist and educator, Chitra Ramanathan is most known for her mixed media textural colorful abstract paintings that are often very large. Her
numerous works are with private, corporate and public collections around the United States and in Europe.

Websites featuring Chitra Ramanathan's popular paintings:

Web Site =

Contact Details = About the Artsit Chitra Ramanathan


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