AbodeOfTreasures.com Has Revised Its Merchandise Lines, to Become a Reseller of Reproductions of Museum Masterpieces

Released on = October 10, 2005, 2:29 pm

Press Release Author = Sergio Antonacci, Founder, www.AbodeOfTreasures.com

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Now a dealer of gifts and collectibles inspired by ancient art.

Press Release Body = Markham, ON, Canada (EXPRESS-PRESS-RELEASE) October 12, 2005
-- AbodeOfTreasures.com (www.AbodeOfTreasures.com) today announced that it has discontinued the reselling of its variety of common home and garden products. It has replaced them with a line of cast stone reproductions of museum art masterpieces.

AbodeOfTreasures.com is an online retail merchant. It also sells its products through a Canadian retail chain, The General Store.

As far as we know, the history of art reproductions goes back to Imperial Rome where bronze and marble reproductions of Greek masterpieces decorated the lavish Roman villas and gardens. Closer to our time in the mid-18th century, archaeological reproductions reappeared all over Europe. As a result of a French expedition to
Egypt during the 19th century, a casting facility was set up next to the Louvre Museum where many ancient Egyptian pieces were reproduced. Following the Louvre, other leading European museums began to reproduce masterpieces from their collections, initiating a trend that continues until today.

AbodeOfTreasures.com has diversified its product lines to quality reproductions of the most coveted art masterpieces of the past. “Our mission is to provide our customers with a source of some of the highest-quality art reproductions, for the pleasure of both themselves and friends. Even if customers do not find what they are looking for on our website, we encourage them to email us, describing what they are seeking in a cast art reproduction. We will make every effort to find the item, and quote a price and delivery,” according to founder Sergio Antonacci.

Contact: Sergio Antonacci, Founder of AbodeOfTreasures.com, at 416-579-0644, or by email at sergio@abodeoftreasures.com.

About AbodeOfTreasures.com
Located on the internet at http://www.AbodeOfTreasures.com, with products available at The General Store in Markham, ON. AbodeOfTreasures.com markets a variety of quality reproductions of masterpieces from ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek, Celtic, Byzantine and Renaissance eras. Plans are underway to market these products in other General Store locations in the province of Ontario.

Company Contact:
Sergio Antonacci, Founder

Web Site = http://www.abodeoftreasures.com

Contact Details = Box 140,
Goodwood, ON L0C1A0 Canada
Ph: 416-579-0644
Fax: 905-642-9389
Email: sergio@abodeoftreasures.com

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