Market Leader in Search Engine Optimization Helps Businesses Compete for Online Traffic

Released on = November 8, 2005, 11:45 pm

Press Release Author = Lee Traupel

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = About Intelective Communications, Inc.

Intelective Communications, Inc. is a six year old northern California based interactive ad agency that helps online businesses create and maximize their online visibility, increase sales and acquire new customers at low cost utilizing innovative online marketing processes that feature organic search engine rankings as the cornerstone of all marketing activities.

Press Release Body = "Market Leader in Search Engine Optimization Helps Businesses Compete for Online Traffic

Sacramento, CA – November 2, 2005 Intelective Communications, Inc (tm) the market leader in comprehensive search engine optimization and online traffic development services for high growth companies is announcing a new search engine optimization process that incorporates sophisticated latent semantic indexing technology to drive search engine optimization.

“We’ve spent six years perfecting our search engine optimization processes working closely with clients in different types of vertical markets and we’ve developed a proprietary technology which mirrors how top tier search portals analyze and rank web sites,” said Lee Traupel, CEO of Intelective Communications. “Our Pro Rank
LSI(tm) technology gives us a precise and logical way to help our clients develop keyword rich content that is relevant to the way search engines look for and categorize web sites - enabling clients to generate highly targeted traffic comprising individuals who are interested in learning more about their goods and services.”

“We know that many businesses are struggling to generate quality traffic for their web sites utilizing online advertising processes. As organic search engine rankings (natural listings) are becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve, due to the significant increase in competition for rankings via top tier search engines and Pay
per Click costs have skyrocketed through the roof for many keywords.”

“There are no “silver bullets” and or easy answers when it comes to developing online traffic in today’s super competitive online market! And, a business doesn’t necessarily need to hire us to get good search engine rankings – they need to know how to develop pages of content that speaks not only to their online visitors but also addresses the arcane ways that search engines view their web sites.”

“But, in many cases, companies are turning to outsourcing their search engine ranking services to partners because they don’t have the intimate understanding of the needed requirements and are not confident they can achieve results. Our proprietary Pro Rank LSI technology services are designed to help these companies
develop content that drives search engine rankings that are coupled with an innovative revenue model that lets us share risks and rewards with our clients on equal footing.”

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