New DSL tester for ADSL2+

Released on = November 6, 2005, 7:11 am

Press Release Author = VIERLING Communications

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = Vierling expands line of cost-effective, easy-to-use DSL testers

Press Release Body = Ebermannstadt, Germany – October 6, 2005. At Broadband World Forum 2005 in Madrid, Vierling is presenting some new DSL testers. Technicians working for network operators and service providers can use the VIT-A2 DSL tester to see at a glance whether a DSL connection is functional and what type of DSL is used
(ADSL or ADSL2+). Vierling is also planning a device known as VIT-A2 D which has an additional display and shows DSL parameters such as the maximum upstream and downstream transmission rate.

Results at a glance
“We designed our VIT-A2 DSL tester to be very easy to use”, according to Bernhard Steger, Director Business Line MS/S at Vierling. “You can just connect it in place of a customer’s modem and verify that the DSL connection is set up properly. Service technicians can also connect this device at the splitter, cable distribution cabinet
or main distribution point in order to troubleshoot problems. LEDs keep the technician informed about the status of the DSL line.”

View connection parameters
Every VIT DSL tester comes with a FastEthernet interface which can be used to view the DSL connection parameters on a notebook. Important parameters include line attenuation, signal-to-noise ratio, upstream and downstream data rates and number of synchronization attempts. The VIT A2 DSL tester is backwards-compatible with ADSL
and supports all of the common transmission speeds used in ADSL2+. In addition to having a FastEthernet interface, the tester is also ready for Bluetooth. When equipped with a suitable module, it interacts well with a personal digital assistant (PDA).

Shipping in December 2005
“Our first DSL tester model, VIT-A1 for ADSL, has been a commercial success since 2004. This has encouraged us to expand this product line into a complete family”, said Bernhard Steger. “We already have prototypes of the new versions. VIT-A2 will be shipping in December 2005. The other versions with added features such as a display or the ability to simulate different line lengths for performance
measurements will follow in 2006.”

Specifications (for all VIT DSL testers):
- Dimensions: 100 x 196 x 40 mm
- Weight: approx. 400 g (with rechargeable cells)
- Annex: A and B available

All of the VIT DSL testers have:
- Set of rechargeable cells (4 x 2200 mA)
- Measurement cord, RJ45 – Banana plug
- Measurement cord, RJ11 (3-4) – RJ45 (4-5)
- 12 V vehicle adapter
- Analysis software
- Power supply
- Carrying bag

Graphical material available from:
Dr. Markus Diehl, Vierling Communications GmbH
+49 - (0) 9194 / 97 - 284,


About Broadband World Forum Europe
Broadband World Forum Europe 2005 in Madrid (October 3-6) brings together executives from the global telecommunication sector’s most important network operators and suppliers. The primary objective is to discuss the business models, strategies and marketing models which have helped push broadband services past the breakthrough
point in the mass market and which are expected to serve as a basis for further expansion. Broadband World Forum Europe offers a number of workshops and presentations as well as a trendsetting technical exhibition.

About Vierling
Vierling is a telecommunications supplier based in Ebermannstadt, Germany, offering customized communications and test equipment for companies of all sizes. Vierling’s products range from GSM and 3G gateways (fixed cellular terminals), GSM phones, alarm generation systems and remote control technology to complete portable and
stationary test solutions for telecommunications and data networks. In addition Vierling’s Production division specializes in development and manufacture of electronic subassemblies, devices and systems for companies of all industries (Electronic Manufacturing Services, EMS). The Vierling Group has 250 employees and generates annual sales of about Euro 30 million. Vierling Communication SAS is
Vierling’s subsidiary in Plaisir, France (near Paris). By sales partners Vierling is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide. Further information:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Press Contact
Dr. Markus Diehl
Manager Marketing Communications
Vierling Communications GmbH
Pretzfelder Straße 21
D-91320 Ebermannstadt
Phone.: +49 (0)9194 / 97 - 284
Fax: +49 (0)9194 / 97 - 105

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