Best Way to Add Swing to Party and Tone to Public Place

Released on = December 22, 2005, 5:42 am

Press Release Author = WinJukebox Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = With WinJukebox, your computer will turn into a jukebox.

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December 20, 2005

Contact: Oleg Filimonov
Company: WinJukebox Software
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Best Way to Add Swing to Party and Tone to Public Place

WinJukebox is a party time solution to keep guests happy and let hosts relax. It
plays music on demand, yet keeps an eye on what, when and how loud is played.
Autoplay from multiple playlists and scheduled music downloads bring the right mood
into any place, be it a pub, a cafe, or a lounge.

WinJukebox Software announces the release of WinJukebox v2.0, a piece of heavy
artillery in the entertainment business. A hi-tech interpretation of the seasoned
fun-giver, WinJukebox v2.0 provides rich options and settings to manage the mood of
any public place or a private festivity. The core functionality of an on-demand
music player was extended with playlist management and music updates. The program
also features automatic volume balancing and a smart track overlap. WinJukebox v2.0
makes a perfect tool to let your party go while staying in control.

"The idea behind WinJukebox v2.0 is the combination of the freedom to choose a
desired track and the ability to manage play lists and music menu," says Oleg
*******, CEO of WinJukebox Software. "Wherever people gather to have fun and let go
a bit, they want to hear their favourite tunes. WinJukebox keeps this storming
demand for music under control by introducing fair rules for everyone. If you want
your tune played, punch its track number and wait your turn. The jukebox window also
shows the tracks popularity chart. When the on-demand queue is empty, the auto
playback mode switches to a list of new downloads or a top popularity list. We also
added track repeat control, so that most ardent guests don't inflict their tastes on

The program has a different interface for playback management and on-demand play.
The Jukebox window has an attractive texture skin. It shows the playlist queue and
the popularity chart. Here is also the area where guests or customers can add their
track to the queue. The Manager window, on the other hand, shows various available
playlists. It allows controlling Jukebox playback and changing its settings.

The program's settings help customise the interface and manage the music menu and
playback. On entering a tune number, for example, the Jukebox window can show
original massages in your native language. The settings allow automatic downloading
of new tracks from bookmarked sites with optional traffic limits. As for playback,
the program offers the repeat control, volume level normalisation, and custom track
overlap. Pull it all together and you will have a rara avis to add zest to your

WinJukebox v2.0 Features at a Glance
Support for MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV formats;
Track repeat control;
Auto playback mode for continuous playback;
Optional track overlap and volume level normalisation;
Music menu editing and printout;
Scheduled network updates for music tracks with optional traffic limits;
Full-screen start for Jukebox window;
User-set and standard massages (Jukebox window);
User-defined queue length.

Pricing and Availability
WinJukebox v2.0 runs under Windows 98/2000/2003/ME/XP and costs 24.95 USD for a
personal user license and 49.95 USD for a family license. The company also offers
different types of business licensing (commercial 59.95, noncommercial 49.95, and
educational 39.95). All registered users are entitled to free life-time support and
minor updates. WinJukebox v2.0 is available at

A 10 % discount on the latest version of WinJukebox v2.0 for the duration of the
launching campaign is available for your readers. The offer comes into effect upon
contact at


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Contact Details = Address: Zheleznodorozhnikov, Krasnoyarsk
Russian Federation

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