Released on = December 27, 2005, 5:32 am

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Press Release Summary = sic Diva Coco Mbassi releases her first Live Concert DVD.

Press Release Body = London, UK, December 24, 2005 Live 8 Africa Calling performer
Coco Mbassi releases her first live Dvd which includes performances in Freiburg,
Germany and Douala, Cameroon. Dazzling, soulful and refined are some of the words
that have been used to describe her voice.

The multiple award nominee and winner (Rfi, Bbc Radio 3, German Cd Critics' Award),
known for her mellow and intricate music and her sultry and delicate vocals,
symbolizes our global world as she elegantly blends African roots with Gospel, Soul,
Classical and Jazz influences she acquired over the years.

From a young age, Coco was exposed to African modern and traditional music, Haendel,
James Brown, the Jackson Five, as well as Mahalia Jackson and others. Years later,
when she moved to Paris, she started singing backing vocals in Paris with most major
World Music acts. She started touring worldwide in 1997 and has never stopped
presenting her two albums Sepia and Sisea as she performs; Reading, Lafayette,
Douala, Berlin, Singapore and even Adelaide will benefit from Coco's enchanting
music and voice.

Produced by Conserprod Ltd, Coco Mbassi Tour features the artist's full band in
concert, as well as acoustic performances of some songs. It also includes interviews
and 'behind the scenes' and previously unseen footage of fun moments, rehearsals and
even a trip to Cameroon, her homeland.

Dvd cat. number Cspd01, All Regions, Stereo, Colour, 65.23 min.


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Contact Details = 39 Prospect Ring
London N2 8BP

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