Flajector 2 is available

Released on = December 21, 2005, 2:55 am

Press Release Author = Softanics

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Flajector converts Flash movies (SWF) to .EXE files.

Press Release Body = Flajector converts Flash movies (SWF) to .EXE files.

* Make you application standalone: you can include a Flash player in generated
applications. In other words, the applications will work even if a Flash player is
not installed.

* Create non-rectangle semitransparent windows: Flajector can create windowless
applications from Flash movies. The transparent mode is fully supported!

* No temporary files: generated applications do not use temporary files. Flash
movies and the Flash player are loaded directly from memory.

* Include all what a movie needs in a single EXE: include all resources (xml, mp3,
flv, swf etc.) in single EXE. They will loaded directly from memory. No temporary

* Standard classes: there are standard classes to work with files, main window,

* Plugins: extend your applications with plugins.

Download demo version:

Visit our forum:

Flajector is based on FlashPlayerControl, is an ultimate flash component for
developers: http://www.flashplayercontrol.com/

Web Site = http://www.flajector.com/

Contact Details = Address: Russia,St.Petersburg,Pheduninskogo St., St.Petersburg
Russian Federation

Phone Number: +78129723917
Email: pad@softanics.com

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