FuzLez releases WheelsOfVolume as freeware

Released on = December 20, 2005, 8:41 am

Press Release Author = FuzLez.com

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = This small application allows you to control your volume
using your mouse wheel

Press Release Body = WheelsOfVolume is created to solve a personal annoyance of the
team of FuzLez. No matter what was used, we were not
happy with the way Windows or other applications controlled the volume of the
computers sound system. So we decided
to create a very small and simple application that use the mouse wheel (when it is
not used by any other application) to
control the volume of your computer.

When it was in use in the office it soon became the darling of the team because it
feels totally natural to use it. So we
decided to give it away to others as a small gift and to promote FuzLez.
WheelsOfVolume is a perfect example of our
design ideas, software that is dead simple and that performs a single task.

Web Site = http://fuzlez.com/content/view/50/90/

Contact Details = Address: Chemim de Mourne, Vergt

Phone Number: *33 6 81905807
Email: Info@FuzLez.com

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