Released on = January 11, 2006, 7:26 pm

Press Release Author = Kay Durden

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Native Californian Kay Durden;owner of one of the top
African American websites shares pieces of her heart by authoring her first book
\"Reflections of the Heart\". \"Reflections\" consists of poetry,prose and articles
written in the form of poetry,and speak to everyday life with topics covering, life,
death love,loving, friendship, religion,politics, family and more.

Press Release Body = Web Mistress Kay Durden owner of one of the top African
American Entertainment websites shares pieces of her heart by authoring her first
book "Reflections of the Heart". Her new book consists of poetry, prose and short
stories about her life with excerpts from her upcoming autobiography Always Between
the Tracks". Kay says "Reflections" is much more than a book of poetry, its entries
are about everyday life.

Kay says her book has been called one of the best written of it's kind, and been
compared to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Others have said it should be called a
self-help book because many of the stories teach lessons about life to its readers.
"Reflections of the Heart" is a book predominately of poetry, but its entries will
make you both laugh, cry and think about situations in your own lives.

Quote from the book: "This book contains poems about situations in my life, those
near to me and associates whose lives have crossed mine. While many of the written
verses are positive, some are not because even though God created a perfect world,
people don't live perfect lives."

" Reflections of the Heart" is a book that will touch the hearts and souls of each
reader because each page not only chronicles Kay\'s life, but life situations each of
us have gone through if we've done any living at all. It speaks of family, friends,
love, loving, hurt, joy, religion, life, death and even politics.

"Reflections of the Heart" is a book many may call poetry, but in essence it's a
story of life written in the form of poetry. Kay believes life teaches us many
lessons, and if we don't adhere to them, they repeat themselves over and over again.

Reflections of the Heart can be purchased through the following websites:
www.airleaf.com, www.amazon.com, and www.Waldenbooks.com. To preview some of Kay's
written work visit: www.authorsden.com/kayfdurden. You may also visit Kay' popular
websites: http://kaydurdenusa.tripod.com/or www.kaydurdenslaconnection.com

Both sites list many links pertaining to cultural events for African American living
in the Los Angeles area, visitors, and persons interested in the culture,
additionally both sites have been at the top of the search engines more than five
years running.

Kay says she is looking forward to book signings in the very near future, and
invites readers to visit Airleaf, Amazon, or Walden's on-line to preview and
purchase her book.

Anyone purchasing \"Reflections of the Heart\" online or in person may opt to receive
a signed copy of their favorite poem taken from the book in lieu of a signed book.
For more information about this offer contact her at: kaydurdenusa@netscape.net


Web Site = http://www.authorsden.com/kayfdurden

Contact Details = Kay Durden
P.O.Box 5238
Alexandria, Louisiana, 71307
Tel# 318 767-8707

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