Why it`s no longer clever to use clever advertising

Released on = January 16, 2006, 9:30 am

Press Release Author = T. Simons

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Businesses see better results with simple advertising!

Press Release Body = Date 17th January 2006,
There was a time when even the dumbest press, TV or even radio ad, would pull in
hoards of customers with ill-thought out advertising campaigns. This was in a time,
when humans had greater concentration skills - far superior than what we possess

However, in the last twenty years, global advertising has changed the way we think.
How, you may ask? By simply driving those ads at us at break neck speed - faster
than a New York minute. In some sense, we have been bestowed with clever 'eye' and
'ear' candy.

Yet in recent times, (much more so since the creation of the internet) we have
instant information at our very finger tips. 'Why should this effect advertising?'
you may ask yourself. It means that if you run a business, you have to aim right for
the jugular.

It's no good if you run a press ad that is so minimalist, that your readers find
themselves straining their eyes to discover more information. Or if you are
considering airing a 30 second TV ad, that is brimming with fancy bells and all the
trimmings. It just won't wash anymore!

So what's the answer? How can your ad appeal to the masses, rather than turn them
off? "That can be a variety of reasons," said Terry Simons, Senior Copywriter with
Fast Results Copywriting. "It all depends on what you are either selling or

In fact, Terry is running a free workshop for those interested in creating ads that
work - rather than ads that just simply fail. Last year, he invited businesses to
send in their press and online ads. The result was overwhelming.

Now, he invites you to do the same. "We'll take a look at the ad with our free
evaluation scheme, and if it needs tweaking, we'll rewrite it totally free of
charge." he added.

You can find out more about the free evaluation scheme by visiting the website of
Fast Results Copywriting. There you'll be invited to click on a link that will send
you more information on the scheme. Visit www.fastresultscopywriter.com

Web Site = http://www.fastresultscopywriter.com/homeq_files/Page722.htm

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Orihuela Costa

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