1st Worldwide Lotto HomeBasedBusiness

Released on = February 22, 2006, 7:12 am

Press Release Author = www.eBiz-IQ.com

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = JT McNaught (President, eBiz IQ.com) announced today that a
new extraordinary homebasedbusiness is making homebased entrepreneurs financially

Press Release Body = JT McNaught (President, Little-Guy eBiz-IQ.com) has committed
to Mike Darling and Tom Pendergast, co-founders and creators of the Veretekk
Automated Marketing SystemTM with GlobalWon Online Training. Mike Darling
(President, Inetekk.com) and Thomas Prendergast (CEO, Inetekk.com) team, in January
2006, launched of a powerful eBusiness Marketing Portal featured at
http://eBiz-IQ.com to promote the GlobalWon business opportunity.

McNaught says, \"Not only is the GlobalWon Numbers Game a chance to win, its is also
the little-guy\'s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a real chance at winning a
numbers game. Empowered by the GlobalWon.bz Portal at eBiz-IQ.com and developed by
Veretekk, to promote the GlobalWon Internationally-recognized World-wide
Numbers-Game opportunity, it is conceivable that new GlobalWon members, who choose
to use the GlobalWon.bz portal software, will have all of their Euro-Style Numbers
Game playing costs covered for life and quite possibly enjoy the lifestyle of the
rich and famous like Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Mick Jagger,
Donald Trump and Paris Hilton ...!

McNaught (President eBiz-IQ.com) also announced that the general public is privy to
signup for this homebasedbusiness, play and participate in the weekly draws of the
GlobalWon Worldwide lottery starting Feb 1, 2006. It pays on 7 levels of a memebrs
downline: 40% to the jackpot, 40% to the winners up-line, 20% to the house.
GlobalWon members earn commission income based upon volume of tickets purchased in
the downline. 4% GlobalWon secondary purchases commissions on generation 7 is paid
down to infinity until someone acheives either QGP or GP status. GlobalWon
compensation plan is a fair compensation plan, in that it rewards players for their
efforts depending upon the players income desire.

6 digits, one from each of 6 stock exchanges decides the winning ticket number.
Renowned Auditing Firm Deloitte ensures all international gaming rules are abided

HomeBasedBusiness Entrepreneurs involved with the Lottery Sector Are sharing profits
in a 400 Billion dollar industry!

More Information, about the GlobalWon Lottery, visit at

Web Site = http://www.globalfreewons.ebiz-iq.com/free/free.shtml

Contact Details = JT McNaught

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