Executive Fliteways Celebrates 25 Years

Released on = February 15, 2006, 8:04 am

Press Release Author = Michael Leigh-Manuell

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Executive Fliteways President Nat Lanza reflects upon the
last 25 years of growth for his company.

Press Release Body = Twenty-five years ago, our country was battling the effects of
years of inflationary pressure, a stagnant economy, and a prime interest rate of
eighteen percent. Conditions were less than optimal for American business and many
industries were struggling to survive, hoping that the newly elected President, a
former B actor by the name of Reagan, would throw a life line. It wasn't a great
time for a start-up charter company, with a sole Cessna 172, to be born.

President Reagan did reinvigorate our economy with his now famous supply-side
theory, cutting taxes while increasing defense spending to battle the evil empire of
the Soviet Union, both to the detriment of the budget. The economy came back with a
vengeance in the mid 1980\'s and our start-up charter company, woefully
under-capitalized from inception, was able to make ends meet and slowly grow its
fleet from the Cessna 172 to a Beech Baron to Piper Navajos and then to King Airs
and Learjets. The leap from Learjets in the eighties to Hawkers, Falcons and
Gulfstreams in the nineties was delayed by the first Gulf War, and two or three
economic downturns.

The company continued to grind out an existence, never taking anything for granted,
always knowing that we had to \"earn our wings every day\". In the mid nineties, as
corporate jets and fractional shares became part of the fabric of not only business
travel but personal travel as well, our little company flourished by embracing what
we had from day one.hard work, attention to detail, and a strong emphasis on meeting
the needs of our customers. The founders have been fortunate to find, over the
years, like-minded people who became essential to the success of the enterprise.
These employees, so vital to our past growth, are also the key to our continuing
evolution, as we are faced with the new challenges of aviation in the twenty-first

Today, as one of the largest independently owned and operated charter companies in
the country with fifteen aircraft under management and one hundred employees
(including two of the founders), we cannot overstate the significance of hard work
and persistence in a capitalist democracy that exists no where but in this great

To all of Executive Fliteways\' customers, vendors, employees, allies and
competitors--- we thank you for the remarkable and memorable 25 years.

Web Site = http://www.fly-efi.com

Contact Details = One Clark Drive
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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