New Third Secret of Fatima visionary claims the real message says Mary is God

Released on = February 22, 2006, 7:15 pm

Press Release Author = bro. Jesuschito Santos, Jr.

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = A Marian visionary from the Philippines claims the real
third secret of Fatima says that Mary should be declared as God by the Pope.

Press Release Body = Cebu City, Philippines – A new Marian visionary has
revealed that the real Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima is a Catholic Church Dogma
that elevates Mary as God. Dominic Falar, who claims that the Virgin Mary appeared
to him 12 years ago, said that heaven requires this dogma to be proclaimed by the
Pope as a prerequisite to the second coming of Christ. He also claims the same
proclamation will save the whole of creation.

It is said that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Dominic way back 1994 and
revealed to him what he calls mysteries of the Catholic Church. Around the year
2000, in a locution Dominic claims, God revealed to him the true message at Fatima.

The seer said he had to struggle with the revelation for weeks and months due to its
very demanding nature and claim. I was not aware that at those times the Vatican
also released its own version, the visionary said.

Dominic founded the MARY-IS-GOD CATHOLIC MOVEMENT last September 2005 to promote his
claim of Marian Divinity as the Real Third Secret of Fatima. He claims to be
supported by a few individuals from his native City of Cebu and from other countries
such as the United States of America. We are few but God is with us, the visionary

Last November his movement published its official website at . The movement hopes to organize on a worldwide scale to
promote what the visionary claims to be the Final Dogma of the Catholic Church.

Web Site =

Contact Details = bro. Jesuschito Santos, Jr.
2450 Capitol Hills
Cebu City, Philippines

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