Real reason Pope Benedict XVI is against Marian Apparitions

Released on = February 22, 2006, 7:15 pm

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Press Release Summary = Pope Benedict XVI - The Man who betrays the Catholic Church
and Our Lady of Fatima.

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The news of Pope Benedict’s actions against alleged fake Marian apparitions
did not come as a surprise to many Catholics. Several years ago, he issued a
statement describing private revelations as a threat to Church unity and urged for a
special pastoral response by no less than Pope John Paul II.

In effect his statements did a monumental job at condemning alleged apparitions at
Garabandal and Medjugorje and at tainting the reputation of long approved Marian
devotions specifically that of Our Lady of Fatima and Her message better known until
now as the Third Secret of Fatima.

But was Cardinal Ratzinger acting in good faith? This can easily be answered by
reflecting on his well-documented antagonism against Our Lady of Fatima.

Pope Benedict XVI has shown consistent hatred against Mary in the way he treated
Marian apparitions whether approved or not by the Church. He downplays them so
subtly but quite effectively that even while he executes his demolition job he
continues to earn praises from the people.

This is not to argue for the authenticity of Garabandal for we are not in a position
to do that, but it is worth noting that the visionary Conchita Gonzalez claimed that
after Pope John XXII there will only be three more Popes and the end will come. Put
this together with other biblical and prophetic warnings that the devil would reign
just before the Second Coming of Christ would put Pope Benedict’s reign as the
devil’s Papacy.

When Pope John Paul II was Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger was one of the most prominent
next-to-be-pope candidates and held one of the most powerful and influential
positions in the church. It was exactly at that time the statement against
Garabandal was issued. Not surprising for those who already saw that Cardinal
Ratzinger was bent on taking the Papacy.

Even the Church-approved Fatima apparition and the Third Secret, which by the way is
now claimed by another visionary to contain instructions for the Catholic Church to
proclaim a new Marian Dogma, did not escape the Cardinal’s contempt.

Incidentally, the same visionary claims the third secret’s revelation will
also cause the antichrist to be revealed. The local archdiocese never made an
official investigation on the visionary and has remained silent on the matter.

In 2000 the Vatican officially publicized the alleged third secret of Fatima. But
this version only encouraged more speculations as its contents were found to be
inconsistent with earlier statements made by no less than Pope John Paul II and some
of his predecessors. Even earlier statements of then Cardinal Ratzinger were
incoherent with this contested version.

They are producing a lot of inconsistencies, which are all characteristics of a
cover up.

Today Cardinals and priests are divided on the matter of Fatima. This conflict is
forcing some to totally leave the Catholic Church while others remain in estranged

The remaining of the clergy are either loyal to the Papacy or are forced into
silence by virtue of their vows.

Meanwhile, Fatima’s number one enemy continues his diabolical campaign not
from without but from within the Catholic Church itself.

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