Versatile Hardworking Assistant for Swift Inventory of Music Libraries

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December 09, 2006

Contact: Roman Kondratiev
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Versatile Hardworking Assistant for Swift Inventory of Music Libraries

MP3 Tag Assistant Pro is a robust multipurpose tool to manage tags, file lists, and
play lists; compare and update tag information from web databases; keep inventory of
music files. Its rich functionality combines with ease of use to provide for better
management of music libraries. announces today the release of the final edition of MP3 Tag
Assistant Pro, a dedicated tool for music file management. This release consummates
almost two years of development efforts and offers rich functionality for inventory
keeping, play list management, and access to web databases of albums and lyrics.
Support for a full spectrum of tag information and a choice of modes, both manual
and automated, helps swiftly generate, edit and manage tags, file lists, and play
lists. Extended capabilities make MP3 Tag Assistant Pro useful for music library
management as well as business use.

"The latest version of MP3 Tag Assistant Pro provides for a wider range of music
management needs," says Roman Kondratiev, CEO of "Now, our users
can easily generate tags from filename strings and rename files with existing tag
fields. Preset and custom templates help to split strings into separate tag fields,
or, vice versa, paste them into name strings. Users will find that managing
playlists became easier, and that now they can use auto replacement for file
locations and other data on the list. As before, MP3 Tag Assistant supports all the
tags available in ID3v1 and ID3v2 formats, but now the database wizard can compare
tags with the database and supply the missing fields. On the whole, users
should find the new features a much greater help in managing the contents of their
music libraries."

However rich the assortment of its options is, MP3 Tag Assistant v2.7 remains simple
in use. Partly it is due to a convenient working panel with multiple tabs for each
operation. A click on the tab brings forward the fields available for editing in
each tag group. Supported tag fields include media player tags, commercial and
publishing information, comments and lyrics, URLs, and many others. The Selected
Items window instantly shows the virtual image of tag changes. To save changes to
files, however, you should click on the Save button. The window also provides a
multi-tab interface for one-click filtering. A click on an appropriate tab limits
the selection to a single file extension or tag format. The multi-frame interface
with tab filters makes the functionality of the program readily available to a user
of any computer competence.

Thanks to advanced selection and filtering options, MP3 Tag Assistant Pro can easily
handle numerous music files. After marking files in the Selected Items window, you
can generate and edit tags for all the selected files. To raise the efficiency of
batch processing, the program offers a batch mode, where users can also form a list
of actions that need to be done and save the list as a profile. The batch mode
should further facilitate the management of music file libraries.

The functionality introduced in MP3 Tag Assistant Pro v2.7, wide range of tags (up
to 35), support for Unicode symbols, batch mode, intuitive interface, animated
tutorials, and other advanced features make a robust, multipurpose tool for better
management of music files.

MP3 Tag Assistant Pro v2.7 Features at a Glance
- Support for up to 35 tag fields, including Original (Original Artist, Original
Album, Original Text Writer) Commercial (Publisher Name, Copyright Message),
URLs, WinAmp tags, multi-line comment and lyrics tags;
- Unicode and ANSI characters;
- Preset and custom templates to generate filenames, tags and play lists;
- Generation and editing of play lists(M3U and PLS) and file lists (TXT, XML, and
- Auto correction of strings, symbols, and upper-lower case;
- One-click sorting and filtering;
- Filters by tag format (ID3v.1 and ID3v.2) and file extensions (MP3 and WMA);
- Album database wizard, comparison with existing tags;
- Integrated web search for lyrics;
- Integration with WinAmp media player and a in-built player;
- One-click tag removal;
- Support for drag-and-drop and hot keys;
- One-click renumbering and tag swaps;
- Intuitive multi-frame interface.

Availability and Pricing
MP3 Tag Assistant Pro v2.7 runs under Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 Server
platforms and costs 29.95 USD for a single-user license. All registered users are
entitled to free technical support and minor upgrades. Additional information on MP3
Tag Assistant Pro v2.6, as well as a 30-day evaluation version is available from


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Contact Details = Address: Lesozatitnay St. 22b-2, Penza

Phone Number: +7 8411 599372

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