Awake In America featured in `TechSmith` interview

Released on = March 1, 2006, 5:56 am

Press Release Author = Awake In America, Inc.

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Awake In America\'s national coordinator is featured in an
interview about the software product, SnagIt 8.

Press Release Body = PHILADELPHIA -- Awake In America\'s National Coordinator, Dave
Jackson, is featured in an interview by the software development company, TechSmith.

In the interview, Jackson talks about the ways he uses one of TechSmith\'s products,
SnagIt 8.

SnagIt is a software tool used to create screen captures, but also has other
illustrative uses.

A Flash version of the interview may be viewed at


Awake In America is a national non-profit Pennsylvania corporation focused on sleep
and sleep disorder issues. In meeting this mission, Awake In America helps others
launch support and community education groups around the United States.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Awake In America organization is also involved
in educational outreach to health care providers; elected officials and other
representatives at various levels of government; public education and awareness
programs; corporate and business outreach, education, and awareness; and legislative

Launched in July 2004, Awake In America began a working on creating awareness among
primary care physicians, as well as other health care professionals. In October
2004, Awake In America launched its xPAP Donation and Relief Program to get
essential equipment to treat sleep apnea into the hands of those without health
insurance or the financial resources to obtain the equipment. In January 2005, Awake
In America announced its Sleep Study Relief Program to help individuals without
health insurance or the financial means obtain sleep studies to confirm or diagnose
obstructive sleep apnea so they may begin CPAP therapy.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Awake In America launched Operation Restore CPAP,
which assisted almost 100 individuals who lost their CPAP equipment during the
storm. The program was later expanded to assist victims of Hurricane Rita, as well.

Since its incorporation in 1987, TechSmith has become the world's number one
provider of screen capture and screen recording software for the office

More than seven million people in 37 countries use TechSmith software. Customers
include Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies, as
well as small business and home PC users.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Dave Jackson
Awake In America, Inc.
PO Box 51601
Philadelphia, PA 19115-6601

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