Babya updates Babya Logic and Logic Pro with iPod utility

Released on = March 26, 2006, 7:33 am

Press Release Author = Babya Software Group

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Free Update to Babya Logic & Logic Pro with iPod support now
available for download.

Press Release Body = Babya Software Group today announced a major update to Babya
Logic and Babya Logic Pro.

Babya Logic is an innovative and powerful suite of pro-quality audio production
software suite, which includes Babya Logic, an 8-track MIDI sequencer-that enables
users to create and score their own music using a variety of pro-quality
applications and also includes Babya Jam Pack: Studio Tools, Babya MicroKit and

Babya Logic is suitable for composing, scoring and producing music and soundtracks.

Babya Software Group\'s product manager for digital media, Alvin Novick said: \"Babya
Logic is a suite of audio production software that includes Jam Pack 1 which
provides six impressive ways to make or edit audio, plus Babya Logic and a powerful
riff and percussion generator. Version 1.4 adds Babya iGrab-a easy to use
application for copying songs from a Apple iPod.\"

Babya Software Group\'s A.A. Fussy noted, \"Babya Logic is a powerful suite of
pro-quality audio production software that enables anyone whether you are a musician
or home user to easily create and compose music for the web,movies and the Apple

Babya Logic is comprised of the following applications:

Babya Logic:
A 8-track MIDI sequencer

Copy Selection
If there is an area currently selected ( highlighted in blue ), this function will
copy that area into memory.

Select from 128 melodic instruments ( 0-127 ) and 47 percussive instruments (
128-174 ). Selecting an instrument will change the current instrument for the
currently selected track. Next time a note is placed it will be in the newly chosen
instrument. If there is a selected area ( blue highlight ), all notes in that area
on the current track will be changed to the new instrument.
If you'd like your song to be in a higher or lower key, use the Transpose function.
Clicking once will raise or lower every note one semitone. If you have an area
selected in blue only those notes will be affected.

Includes 174 software instruments and several sample files.

Saves in a custom .mia file format or you can export to the common .mid file
formats-easily enabling you to use your created music in Apple(R) Logic and Logic

Babya Logic and Logic Pro also includes:
* Babya MicroKit-percussion sequencer software
* Babya UltraSynth-a standalone virtual synth application that enables users to
generate cool and intriuguing sounds.
* Babya Bass Maker-generate bass based music
*Babya EXM Synth-a software oscilloscope based synth with a custom envelope editor
*Babya EFM Synth-FM sound synthesizer
*Piano Studio-a powerful virtual piano music studio

* Babya SampleStudio:
Mix and record sound samples

Effect Plugins:
* Babya Audio Effects Studio:

Quickly audition sound files with gargle or echo effects
* SoundGen:

Quickly produce PCM audio files with ADSR support

* Babya iGrab:
Babya iGrab is a easy to way to grab iPod music, without having to manually do it.
This utility will let you rip either a single song, or the entire music collection
of the iPod.

Babya iGrab will work with most iPods-including the latest fifth generation iPod and
iPod nano.

For more information about this and other products, please see our websites at:

Pricing & Availability:

The Babya Logic and Logic Pro 1.4 updates are now both available to download for all
users of Babya Logic and Logic Pro at:

About Babya:

Babya Software Group is a award-winning developer of digital media software
including Babya bSuite, bPicture and Babya Photo Workshop and Babya Logic.

Babya\'s software has won many awards over the past 2-3 years, including 5 stars (
Babya bSuite, 2005).

Web Site =

Contact Details = A.A. Fussy
Babya Software Group

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