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Released on = March 16, 2006, 8:13 am

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Press Release Summary = The Basel II Certification Institute offers training that is
recommended for professionals who are required to speak the specialised language of
Basel Compliance. The certification is vendor neutral, designed to prove that IT
and information security professionals both have the skills and knowledge to benefit
their organisations.

Press Release Body = ABOUT US

The Institutes' mission is to promote industry professionalism and best practices by
developing and administering certification programs in an objective and reliable
manner that brings value to the industry.


The new Basel Accord (Basel II , or "International Convergence of Capital
Measurement and Capital Standards - A Revised Framework") , is an effort by
international banking supervisors to update the original international bank capital
accord (Basel I), which has been in effect since 1988.

After Basel II, there is a fundamental change in the way banking organizations
manage risks, view their data management needs and invest in IT.

In order to comply with Basel ii, banks and financial organizations must:

1. Understand what is different after Basel II.

2. Decide the approach (basic or more advanced).

3. Rely heavily on IT professionals. There is an increased impact of IT on
operations and performance of financial institutions. There are major changes in the
job description of IT and Information Security professionals across the world.

4. Rely heavily on IT systems. Data warehousing and data mining solutions are
absolutely necessary to collect historical data and loss data, to build models, to
move from a basic to an advanced approach.

5. Explain what is Basel ii to everyone in their organization.


Basel II Certification Institute

Courses designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to understand and
support Basel II compliance.

Target Audience:
This course is intended for IT and risk managers and professionals from Banks,
Financial Institutions, Multinational Corporations, Supervisory Agencies.
This course is recommended for all managers and professionals who need to understand
and speak the specialized language of Basel compliance, which must become the common
language throughout their organization.
This course is highly recommended for:
. C - Level Executives and Boards of Directors
. IT and Information Security Directors, Managers and Professionals
. Chief Risk and Compliance Officers
. IT and Security Process Owners
. Network, System and Security Administrators
. IT Auditors
. IT, Security and Management Consultants


Basel - ITSEC is a vendor neutral certification program that has been designed to
prove that IT and information security professionals have the knowledge and skills
needed to understand and support Basel ii compliance.
Basel - ITSEC Certification can benefit employees, consultants and organizations

Employees and Consultants
Basel - ITSEC provides Consultants, IT and Information Security Directors, Managers
and Professionals, Chief Risk and Compliance Officers, Process Owners, Network,
System and Security Administrators with the following benefits:
1. Earn more money: Several recent salary surveys reveal the power of certification
to boost income. These surveys show certified professionals earn more money than
non-certified professionals, as their skills grow and can command a higher paycheck.

2. Get a better position: Certification is important when being considered for a
promotion or other career opportunities. You give the necessary assurance that you
have the knowledge and skills to accept more responsibility.
3. Get a better job: It will be easier to move on to another position to get more
money and more desirable positions. This certification will differentiate yourself
from your competitors.
4. Establishes professional credentials: Certification is an advantage on your
resume, serving as a third-party endorsement to your knowledge and experience.
Certification and training listed on your resume demonstrates your ability and your
desire to stay current.

Basel - ITSEC provides organizations with the following benefits:
1. Independent evidence: Basel - ITSEC certification serves as independent evidence
that you have the skills required to understand and support the Basel ii compliance
2. Job satisfaction: Certified employees are more satisfied and more productive than
their non-certified counterparts.
3. Due care: Certified professionals will greatly assist employers in being able to
construct a viable Basel ii compliance program, and to prove that they exercise due


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