Gourmet Coffee for School and Church Fundraisers Boost Profit

Released on = March 15, 2006, 3:29 pm

Press Release Author = Paul Jensen

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = The Fundraiser Coffee Company has developed a fundrasing
program that makes it easy for schools and churches to raise money by selling
gourmet coffee.

Press Release Body = Since more than 160 million Americans drink coffee every day
using gourmet coffee for schools and church fundraisers has the benefit of offering
contributors a product they most likely would buy anyway thereby increasing the
fundraiser profits.

The Fundraiser Coffee Company program is based on Kenya AA coffee. The Arabica coffee bean trees thrive exceptionally well in the climate and soils of the highland around Mt. Kenya. The beans produce an excellent coffee with good acidity. In general, it is a bright coffee that illuminates the whole palate. Full of complexities from spice to wine flavors. From the taste of the coffee in your cup, to the way the Kenyans run their trade, everything about their coffee industry is of the highest standard. The country's development and research regarding coffee is unrivaled. The quality control executed by the highly educated farmers is astounding. Everything is geared towards producing the best coffee.

The Fundraiser Coffee Company has the ability and expertise to develop a program that will suit any school or church fundraising group. This includes personalized private label coffee bags filled with freshly ground gourmet coffee that offers a shelf life of up to one year. Mr. Paul Jensen is the President of The Fundraiser Coffee Company, and he came upon the idea of using gourmet coffee as a fundraising product during a trip to Kenya. He was asked if he would be interested in importing Kenya AA coffee to the United States. Mr. Jensen set up a joint venture with a coffee roastmaster who has 18 years experience in the business of micro roasting gourmet coffee. The coffee is roasted in small batches of 30 pounds for quality and then, air cooled for maximum weight.

For more information about the gourmet coffee program you can reach Mr. Jensen
through http://www.thefundraisercoffee.com

Ken Davids wrote on the subject of Kenya coffee in the March 1999, Coffee Review.
".it remains the world's single most consistent source of superlative coffee. And Kenya is superlative in the particular way American specialty professionals define as superlative: alive with the dry vibrant sensation called acidity, fruity without cloying sentiment, big and resonant."

Does it surprise you that Mr. Jensen and his wife Vibeke enjoy several cups of
freshly brewed Kenyan coffee every day?

Web Site = /http://www.thefundraisercoffee.com

Contact Details = Paul Jensen
150 Hunters Ridge Road
Concord, MA 01742

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