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Released on = March 14, 2006, 10:54 pm

Press Release Author = GlobalWon

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = A NEW Game and Income Opportunity - GlobalWon... Better than
the U.S. PowerBall has been attracting record high membership!

Press Release Body = JT McNaught (CEO http://WeAllWin2.GlobalWon.bz and
www.eBiz-IQ.com) announced today that a New Game, better than the U.S. PowerBall is
attracting record high membership enrollments! GlobalWon is the newest, most
innovative, one-of-a-kind World-wide Numbers Game!

GlobalWon and eBiz-IQ members are quickly generating a massive Globalwon.bz
downlines, using the Veretekk GlobalWon.bz portal software now available to all
eBiz-IQ affiliates and members to promote and signup the innumerable new members
wanting to be part of the GlobalWon European Lotto-Style Game, 14 times bigger than
the UK Lottery!

\"GlobalWon is forseen to far surpass the biggest numbers games on the planet,\"
stated JT McNaught. \"Today, World-wide, approximately $630 billion U.S. dollars, per
year, is spent on lottery tickets, lottos and lotteries. The gaming industry is
growing at over 15 percent a year, and is predicted to double to more than 20
billion dollars by 2010.

These facts are proof of tremendous excitement and popularity of lotto-style numbers
games on the internet and especially in seasoned internet business opportunity
seekers, searching for the next niche gold mine that Microsoft Corporation was in

Finally a Numbers Game and an Income opportunity are combined with time-tested
multi-level marketing techniques to generate more than just \'a chance\' to win big.
The little-guy will more than likely earn and generate very high-income from
GlobalWon Numbers Game commission plans that ultimately will empower and catapult
the little-guy into the reality-life of the rich and famous like Aniston, Pitt,
Jolie, Jagger, Hilton and Trump...\"

McNaught says, \"Not only is the GlobalWon Numbers Game a chance to win, its is also
the little-guy empowering once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate big income from
a truly profitable industry that everyone loves to play. \", says JT McNaught; \"The
Little-Guys are empowered at eBiz-IQ.com when they use the GlobalWon.bz portal,
developed by Veretekk, to promote the GlobalWon World-wide Numbers-Game opportunity!
It is conceivable that new GlobalWon members, who choose to use the GlobalWon.bz
portal software, will be upgraded from the GlobalWon \"player\" status to a \"player
plus\" status and subsequently to \"Smart-player\" status; quite likely within 28 days
of joining!\"

\"As I undertstand it\", says McNaught; \"GlobalWon leaders reaching the \"Smart-Player\"
level are eligible to share in 40 percent of all ticket sales and the GlobalWon
Numbers Game commissions and Jackpot winnings, from their GlobalWon downline, up to
7 levels below.\" This kind of money is enabling enterpreneurs to save money and
transfer money overseas for retirement havens, family and loved-ones.

For more information about the GlobalWon Game, the GlobalWon Income Opportunity, or
about the http://www.eBiz-IQ.com team resources to help available you build the
largest GlobalWon business in existence, or help to join the GlobalWon eBiz-IQ

Surf to http://ebiz-iq.com using Internet Explorer Browser, or email
jtmcnaught.globalwon@veretekk.com, or SKYPE JTMCNAUGHT, or call JT McNaught at
613-748-0077. Our online assistant Merlin, will help you review this information and
is only available at http://GlobalWon.eBiz-IQ.com.

Web Site = http://GlobalWon.eBiz-IQ.com

Contact Details = JT McNaught

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