Hypnosis - Harm or Help If You Only Knew

Released on = April 1, 2006, 9:40 am

Press Release Author = A Better You Hypnosis, Inc.

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Myths, misconceptions and lies... or are they. Hypnosis is
getting more popular and for good reason. What don\'t we know and is hypnosis really
helpful or is there any harm?

Press Release Body = Interview award-winning NGH board certified hypnotist,
certified instructor, author and speaker, Tom Nicoli.

Hypnosis - Boston hypnosis expert offers vivid proof that this ancient technique
helps people lose weight, stop smoking, reduce pain, recover quicker, achieve
athletic goals and so much more.

A fascinating experienced guest, Tom Nicoli will explain how it works, what it does
to the brain and how people can use it to solve problems. Learn how he has been able
to assist people in 26 countries to achieve their personal goals... with hypnosis.

It\'s a way to enhance your control over both your mind and your body. A growing
body of scientific evidence that hypnosis works and can help people solve problems
in real life now backs this ancient, mind-enhancing and attention-getting technique.

. A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. If they resist, it will not work.

. Hypnosis is not sleep but more like daydreaming. We enter what is the \"state of
hypnosis\" regularly throughout the day. Getting stuck in hypnosis is as ridiculous
as getting stuck in a daydream.

. People do self-induce hypnosis regularly. When you drive and arrive at your
location, not recalling the entire trip, as if driving \"unconsciously\", that was
hypnotic. The subconscious took over while the analytical conscious mind drifted

. The client is in control. A hypnotist makes suggestions, which the client can
choose to follow or ignore.

Tom can describe some of the most amazing new and documented uses for hypnosis

. Jane Pauley was recently hypnotized live on her show.

. Matt Damon stopped smoking last year using hypnosis.

. Dr. E. Anne Oullette of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Jackson, Florida, a renowned
hand surgeon, often uses hypnosis instead of anesthesia for surgical procedures.
Patients who choose hypnosis over a drug induced deep sleep have half as many
post-operative complications.

. Dr. Theodore Barber, a psychiatrist at Cushing Hospital in Framingham, MA, claims
that warts have a particular susceptibility to hypnosis. One of his patients had 39
warts on her body. During 2 sessions, she was told to imagine each wart tingling and
vanishing. According to Dr. Barber, 37 of the warts vanished.

Tom Nicoli is board certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a certified
instructor, author of A Better You by Hypnosis and an adjunct faculty member of the

He can explain how hypnosis can be a truly effective tool that can be used to
achieve weight loss, smoking cessation, deal with physical pain, and help with
stress management.

He has been featured on NBC\'s "Dateline\'\' for helping a Quincy, Massachusetts man
shed pounds for his high school reunion. This controlled monitored experiment
lasted ten months and culminated in a total weight loss of 39 pounds.

He helped Boston College swimmer Craig Lewin shave 9 to 10 seconds off his lap time
in competition.

Harvard Medical School said, "He speaks with enthusiasm and changed many minds. He
is an expert in his field."

Interviews with Tom Nicoli are available on request. Tom is a dynamic and
informative guest.

Jordan Rich, host of the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ radio Boston says; "He is a hit
with my audience every time he's on. What an informative guest."

To arrange an interview contact Tom Nicoli directly at (603) 598-8389 or Email:
Websites: www.tomnicoli.com www.prosperusa.com


Web Site = http://www.TomNicoli.com

Contact Details = Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI
400 West Cummigs Park
Woburn , 01801


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