McKenzie Scott Customer Satisfaction Level at Top for Any Service Industry

Released on = March 19, 2006, 12:37 pm

Press Release Author = Drew Pollan

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = McKenzie Scott, has always offered strong guarantees,
unmatched in the career field. We believe we are the only firm to ever offer
services to individuals or businesses with money back, satisfaction, and performance

Press Release Body = At Mckenzie Scott We\'re in the high-90s in terms of customer
satisfaction,\" Gerberg said, \"a figure almost unheard of in service industries.
We've worked hard to get there, and we intend to remain at that high level. It\'s no
accident that we\'re at the top.
\"Over two years ago we decided that the only realistic goal for a firm in our
business is \"zero complaints,\" or 100% satisfied clients. Now we haven\'t reached
100%, and some say it\'s an impossible goal when you're dealing with the public, but
we think otherwise. One of the reasons it\'s realistic for us is that we have set up
elaborate systems to screen out people who might not be suited for our service.
\"They might not have sufficient achievements, they might have too many problems, or
they might have unrealistic expectations. In the course of providing free a
valuable career and marketability assessment, we learn a great deal about a person,
and we pursue as clients only those who meet our criteria. Then once we accept them
as clients, we have unparalleled resources and a full team to work with them. They
are able to access 85%+ of the market, not the typical 2% to 3%, and they do it with
the best materials, comprehensive distribution of their credentials, and a team to
support them the entire time.\"

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Contact Details = McKenzie Scott
Drue Pollan
Nationwide Executive Career Services

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