Newspapers Ban New Website

Released on = March 22, 2006, 5:25 pm

Press Release Author = Obits Pty Ltd

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Major Australian newspapers are banning reference to from their classifieds death and funeral notices.

Press Release Body = Some of Australia\'s biggest and most influential daily
newspapers have banned new Australian website from the death and
funeral notice section in their classifieds.

A spokesman for Obits Pty Ltd said today that Australian funeral directors who dare
to mention the site in their classified notice for a death or funeral
are being told it is not acceptable and won\'t be published.

Since the launch of in January 2006 many Australian families of
deceased persons have taken advantage of the incredible service which the new
website offers.

Rather than pay the going rate of the major daily\'s classified rates, many families
are opting for a basic classified advertisement and then paying $49.50 to place a
full page notice on which will be on display for 28 days, instead of
the one day classified, and then go into a searchable archive where it remains
viewable indefinitely.

In an effort to save their families money, some switched on funeral directors have
included the words "see further details at" at the end of the
classified death or funeral notice, only to have the newspaper flatly reject the
notice unless reference to the website is removed.

The legality of this practice by the newspapers is yet to be determined by the ACCC,
Australia\'s consumer watch dog, but the day of reckoning is beckoning for these
media giants who will use their bully boy tactics whenever and on whoever they
choose to.

Watch this space!!!

Web Site =

Contact Details = Theo Tsiamis
Level 4, 95 Pitt Street
Sydney , 2234


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