Signum Digital Kanban Reduces Number of Replenishment Transactions

Released on = March 27, 2006, 7:45 am

Press Release Author = Kelly Pryor

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = Number of Replenishment Transactions Reduced with Signum
Digital Kanban

Press Release Body = Signum is Datacraft Solutions, Inc.
( flagship digital kanban automation solution, which
streamlines replenishment and enables collaborative communication throughout the
supply chain. Signum integrates inventory barcode scanners with an easy-to-use
desktop interface. Manufacturers can automatically issue replenishment signals to
suppliers at the point of use. Built-in monitoring, customizable alerts and control
features ensure that inventory levels are properly maintained. According to
Matthew Marotta, founder of Datacraft Solutions, "The result is a dramatic increase
in visibility and control, adding up to a significant reduction in the number of
required replenishment transactions."

Digital kanban aligns inventory levels with actual consumption; a signal is sent to
produce and deliver a new shipment when material is consumed. These signals are
tracked through the replenishment cycle and bring extraordinary visibility to
suppliers and buyers. Working seamlessly with existing visual board systems,
Datacraft Solutions' Digital Kanban solution allows individual cells or entire
supply chains to realize an immediate and dramatic return from an extremely small
process automation investment, by vastly reducing the management time and
information gathering required to monitor, update and transmit card-based
replenishment needs.

According to Marotta, "As digital kanban solutions continue to spread throughout the
manufacturing industry we are able to draw on the insights and experiences of our
clients to enhance the functionality of offerings. We are, in effect, applying the
lessons of continuous improvement to our own platform, optimizing Signum and Curator
to make Digital Kanban implementation more efficient and effective."

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Contact Details = Datacraft Solutions
Kelly Pryor

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