US Peace Corps Suspends Activities in Bangladesh

Released on = March 17, 2006, 8:51 pm

Press Release Author = Patricia Ovemarrie

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = US Peace Corps suspended its activities in Bangladesh
fearing attack by the Islamist Radicals. The decision came at the time when
Bangladesh Government very successfuly nabbed a number of top figures of the
Islamist Radical group and continuing their operations. Government says, they do not
see any chance of attack on US and Western establishments in Bangladesh.

Press Release Body = US Peace Corps has recently suspended its activities in
Bangladesh. The report that the Peace Corps has decided to suspend its programme and
its volunteers are going back has come as a shock to all who have a stake or
interest in Bangladesh\'s development. The reason given is that the terrorists might
try to attack the Peace Corps volunteers in Bangladesh in retaliation for the
capture of five of the top seven JMB terrorists. It is further learnt that this is
not a hasty decision on the part of the Peace Corps but a result of careful
assessment of the prevailing security environment in Bangladesh. It may be mentioned
here that, elite force Rapid Action Battalion very successfully captured notorious
radicals extremists like Shaikh Abdur Rahman, Siddiqul Islam Bangla Bhai and their
palls in recent operations.
Commenting on the decision of the US government, Bangladesh Foreign Minister M
Morshed Khan said in disagreement over the reasons shown for the step The suspension
of US Peace Corps operation in Bangladesh on security grounds is \"unacceptable\",.
\"It might have point if the decision was before the arrest of militants.After the
arrest of over 700 militants and the two top-most leaders in particular the ground
of security concern is unacceptable,\" he told reporters.
Khan said after the crackdown on militants and capture of the most wanted JMB
leaders foreigners started coming to Bangladesh in big numbers.
He however said that US Peace Corps many times in the past had squeezed or expanded
its programme not only in Bangladesh but in many other countries on the basis of
their policy.
State Minister for Home Affairs in Bangladesh, Lutfuzzaman Babar told the local
press that, he did not see any potential threat on the US and western
establishments. He also mentioned that, if the US government would inform them with
their observations, it would help Bangladesh government is putting focus on that
particular point to ensure much safety and security to the foreigners in the
Many of the observers are surprised at the decision of the US government to withdraw
the Peace Corps, at the time when Bangladesh was certainly on an advantageous
position in combating Islamist radicals. The entire country stood against the rise
of radicals, and people were jubilantly chanting anti radical slogans on the streets
when two supremos of Jamiatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) were captured.
It may also be mentioned here that, American establishments were under attack in
countries like Kenya, Morocco and Jordan. But, despite such attacks, US Peace Corps
never suspended their activities from these countries. Keeping eyes on this reality,
it would be quite normal to ask question to the policymakers in Washington as to why
Peace Corps decided to wrap up from Bangladesh, where till date no western or US
establishments had come under attack of the Islamist terrorists.
It is good news indeed to note that the second largest Muslim nation is standing up
against Islamist radicals. Should other nations, especially the Arabs follow this
path? Bangladesh deserves international appreciation for its courageous stand
against the radicals. This is no doubt, a very important and timely step to ensure
global peace and eliminate Islamist terrorists, who are still getting strength in
secrecy to make an offensive on innocent people in the global village.
Considering the above facts, US government should re-consider their decision to
suspend Peace Corps activities in Bangladesh. Moreover, international community
needs to extend support to Bangladesh in their ongoing anti Islamist radical

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