`What Does Divorce Look Like and Is There a Happily Ever After` Divorce Author, Amy Botwinick Defines Marriage and the Ramifications of Divorce With a Look at Today`s Divorced Woman

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Divorce author, Amy Botwinick sheds new light on the topic of divorce for
brides-to-be, and divorced women looking to find their \'happily ever after.\'

Press Release Body = \"What Does Divorce Look Like? and Is There a Happily Ever
After?\" Divorce Author, Amy Botwinick Defines Marriage and the Ramifications of
Divorce With a Look at Today\'s Divorced Woman

WELLINGTON, FL --- April showers bring May flowers, May flowers bring June brides.
But when Spring has sprung and Summer romances flourish, the blooming hot topic of
relationships is on every woman\'s mind. Amy Botwinick, Author of the \'girlfriend\'s
guide,\' \"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever
After\" is on a mission to change the way we talk about divorce with over two million
divorces in the U.S. each year. On Thursday, May 25, 2006, Botwinick will bring an
inspiring evening of advice to Barnes & Noble (The Shoppes at Wellington Green,
10500 West Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL 33414, 561-792-1292) at 7 p.m. with a
one-of-a-kind evening for the bride-to-be, the divorced woman, and the divorced
woman looking at marriage a second time around. Botwinick\'s goal is to provide
resources, information, education and an empowering journey for divorced women with
advice for women to be aware of self-reliance upon a relationship rocky road.

\"The thought of your marriage breaking up can be emotionally overwhelming for you
and your family. The most important thing you can do as you face this challenge is
to make yourself your top priority. Making yourself your number one priority may
sound selfish but it\'s going to be all about you being strong enough to be the glue
to hold it all together. As you now face becoming head of your new family structure,
your children are waiting for you to take the lead and they will gain their strength
and courage from your attitude and perception of their new life,\" explains

Botwinick\'s book isn\'t the typical divorce gloom-n-doom book, but rather a resource
guide covering single parenting, legal, financial and emotional arenas and includes
stories -- both her own and situations from other women in the same relationship
sinking boat. Written as a form of survival and therapeutic evolvement through her
own divorce, Botwinick\'s book helps women to move on with life and evolve with the
times and has received much praise and support from professionals.

\"As a divorce attorney I have watched many of my clients struggle with the
challenges and emotions associated with divorce. This book is a great gift to give
women and open minded men who are searching for good information, hope and laughter
as it guides them through the many stages of uncoupling,\" states Marc M. Cohen,

Botwinick, a Boca Raton resident -- single mother of two -- 12-year
chiropractor-turned-first-time author is a believer in the \"HAPPILY EVER AFTER\"
chapter of her book, currently living her own while having her website
www.todaysdivorcedwoman.com become a resource center to \'move forward\' with life. A
portion of the proceeds from book and product sales on Botwinick\'s website will go
to victims of domestic violence and women\'s shelters, helping moms get back on their
feet for themselves and their children in a healthy environment. The site has a
newsletter section which also has key advice from professionals.

Carolyn Tolep LCSW CAP Divorce Therapist is a supporter of Botwinick\'s, offering
counseling advice to the bride-to-be as well as the divorced woman ready to seek out
marriage a second time. \"After meeting with numerous soon-to-be brides, I usually
tell them to sit down with your fiance and develop a marriage \'contract\' agreement
where you list all the expectations of your life together on paper -- from career,
sex life, children to household chores. The goal is to gain further understanding of
each other\'s expectations and develop a realistic lifestyle with compromises. Watch
out for lack of flexibility and resistance to change. It is important to regularly
nurture a relationship, just like watering a garden, which allows the flowers to
bloom. Lastly, little things like consistently saying thank you and showing
appreciation makes a difference,\" Tolep explains. \"For ladies taking the plunge on
getting re-married, it\'s important to recognize how your behavior contributed to
your previous marriage dissolving. It can be very helpful to receive therapy after
the trauma of divorce, so you can leave the emotional baggage at the door,\" states

Botwinick has been busy spreading her message to women everywhere from The Miami
Book Fair, to holiday blues tips and advice, various book signings covering a myriad
of topics from stress-relief to celebrating women evolving in their ever-changing
roles, to presenting her information and resources in speaking engagements with
attorneys and women\'s groups and Planned Parenthood, promoting health and safety. \"I
have a lot of ground to cover -- there are so many issues to discuss and women are
wanting to talk,\" states Botwinick. Botwinick is building her network through her
own website and newsletter as well as building a network of over 750 women on
Myspace with whom she chats daily -- where the united sisterhood shares a mutual
support system in open discussion through blogs and emails.

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