Elite Force RAB celebrates second year

Released on = April 7, 2006, 2:22 am

Press Release Author = Patricia Ovemarrie, News2006

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = The celebration of completion of the second year of
successful functioning of the elite police force...

Press Release Body = The celebration of completion of the second year of successful
functioning of the elite police force - the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) - was an
occasion not only for its members, leaders and organisers but also the people to
rejoice. Within this short span of time the force has earned not only fame but also
confidence of the people that they can be trusted to ensure peaceful living by
keeping criminals, specially terrors, in check. It is no wonder, therefore, that the
government honored this force by offering the Independence Day Award this year. RAB
hosted a dinner to mark the completion of its second year at its headquarters
yesterday. Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan, State Minister for Home Affairs
Lutfuzzaman Babar, other ministers, senior government officials and dignitaries
attended the dinner.
RAB's success in containing deadly bomb blasts that had shaken the confidence of the
people in the ability of the law enforcing agencies to ensure free and peaceful
movement of citizens within a span of just six months cannot but be termed
exceptional. The discoveries of arms factories and depots all over the country, and
hauling up of the organizers of the bomb blasts have come as a great relief to the
people of all strata of the society. RAB has earned the confidence of the people at
a time when they were losing their trust in the ability of the law enforcing
agencies to deal with the menace of terrorism, extortion, murder and other forms of
crime. This was because crimes and criminals were deeply rooted in the society.
Armed forces, BDR and Police through the Operation Clean Heart had carried out the
first successful drive against crime and criminals in the early part of the tenure
of the present government. RAB has given a successful finishing touch during the
last two years.
The Operation Clean Heart and the successive operations by the RAB has restored
people's faith in the inevitability of punishment of crime and criminals, no matter
how strong and influential the godfathers of criminals are. Restoration of
confidence of people in their ability to sort out things is no mean an achievement.
Possibly due to this the economy is showing signs of a higher rate of growth now
even according to estimates made by multilateral donor agencies like the Asian
Development Bank.
The secrets behind the success of the RAB are the built-in strength of the force
created through its formation with fresh blood unaffected by other infected
agencies, adequate logistics and financial support that have given the force
operational strength and flexibility, and a strong resolve of its commanders and all
those behind the force's launching and operation to make it a success. Bangladesh
badly needed a force on which it can trust as defender of peace and tranquility at a
time when the enemies of this young nation were spreading imaginary stories about
its turning into a failed state.
While praising the RAB and the armed forces in unqualified terms for their successes
in giving the nation fresh strength and courage, we would also suggest that the
commanders of the elite force also take note of some criticisms made against them,
and make sure that they are not unduly criticized at home and abroad. They should by
all means also uphold and defend human rights and democracy.

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