Improving law enforcement in Bangladesh

Released on = April 7, 2006, 2:22 am

Press Release Author = Patricia Ovemarrie, News2006

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = The Bangladesh government may deserve some commendation...

Press Release Body = The Bangladesh government may deserve some commendation for the
way it has been trying to improve law and order conditions in the country.

This has been reflected in the formation of a special law enforcement unit, the
Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), that has proved its worth promptly. RAB is now a
household word for the good work it has done so far in nabbing top criminals and
busting organized gangs. Besides, other special law enforcement units namely, the
Cobra and Chita, have gone into operation with some success in the last one-year

Recently, the highway police were introduced to watch over the country\'s highways
and six more police stations have been operationalised in Dhaka city. With these
additional police stations, the total number of police stations has increased to 28
in the city. Government has a plan to increase the number of police stations to 51
in Dhaka metropolis within the span of a few years. The new police stations are
being set up to take the pressures off the limited number of the existing ones.
Expectations are that the police would be in a position to provide better service as
each police station would be now looking after a smaller area and hence would find
itself under reduced pressure. The bigger areas covered by the previous police
stations were stretching their men and logistical facilities quite thin.

While none should grudge more facilities or amenities for the police or increasing
the number of policemen, what comes as a concern from previous experiences is that
effective policing in the context of Bangladesh is not merely linked to greater
number of men and materials. It depends no less on more scrupulous and dedicated
service from the traditional police force. Charges have been levelled, not
unjustifiably against the police, that common people cannot access police stations
as they cannot pay bribe to get them to take action or to goad the police into
action by using powerful connections. Police are alleged to be in a collusive
relationship with the underworld in many cases that explains the former\'s inaction
against the latter. This is not to say that members of the police are all corrupt
and do not do their work with proper motivation. But it is a reality that a large
number of them is corrupt, insincere and lack in motivation to engage themselves
against crimes and criminality with enough resolve and dedication.

Therefore, side by side with increasing the number of policemen, police stations and
logistical supports for them, it is also imperative to rehabilitate the character of
the police so that they can discharge their duties with a measure of integrity and
honesty befitting their expected professional standards. To this end, the police
force must be reformed. Corrupt ones must be weeded out of the force and all
policemen should be morally boosted on a regular basis.

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