Inglewood Teacher Wins Lotto Twice!

Released on = April 11, 2006, 5:59 pm

Press Release Author = eBiz-IQ

Industry = Entertainment

Press Release Summary = ** Lottery ** Home Based Business ** News **
An already millionnaire and Lottery winner in 1989, won the lottery again!
Statistically speaking this deserves to be posted world-wide in your Lottery Home
Based Business News.

Press Release Body = **Lottery** Home Based Business ** News!!!
If you are a lottery player today, you know that the odds are very much against you
ever winning big! The odds of winning the US Power Ball for instance are 146 million
to one. The odds of winning the UK Lottery are 76 million to one, Canadian Lotto 649
odds are 17,000,000 to one.

How fortunate was the retired teacher from Inglewood to win the lottery, not once
but twice?
Perhaps it should have been your turn?

This teacher won the California Lottery $100,000 Big Spin Prize, this past the weekend.
Statistically speaking, this deserves to be posted world-wide in your Lottery Home
Based Business News.
JT McNaught, Home Based Business Owner of, told us today,
that he is a player of a fairer lottery.

JT McNaught says, \"You can increase your odds of winning this year by playing the
GlobalWon World-wide lottery at the awesome odds of 1 million to one! Odds 14 Times
better than the UK Lottery and 80 times better than the US Powerball. I have been
playing the GlobalWOn lottery since Jan 1, 2006 and I have a couple of secondary
prizes already...more than I have won in 10 years of playing the other lotteries!\"

GlobalWon is adjucated by the world-reknowned Deloitte Touche and licensed by The
Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). The LGA is the single regulartory body
responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming.
JT McNaught says, \"What I like about GlobalWon, is that the large Jackpots are
shared amongst more winners because there are more winning tickets when the odds are
1 million to 1!\", in fact says JT McNaught, \"the odds of winning cash on a 3 number
GlobalWon winning ticket are amazingly 256 to 1!\" because we can win by matching ANY
3 numbers, in any position, of the 6 digit jackpot number.\"

\"GlobalWon is an online lottery that plays like the lotteries you are currently used
to\", says McNaught. \"but, No more forgetting to buy your tickets and forgetting to
check them. Play your favorite numbers and quickpicks, same as you would at the
corner store, but no need to leave your home. This is fantastic, especially for
seniors with mobility problems and forgetful lottery ticket buyers and checkers like

Because GlobalWon is a World-wide lottery, played in more than 200 countries
globally, GlobalWon Jackpots are poised to be exceptionally bigger!. JT McNaught
says, \"Not only is it big, but 80 percent of the ticket sales are paid back out to
the players of the lottery. This is a really high payout comparatively speaking!. \"
\"I am all for raising money for charity, but its high time we have a lottery that we
can play, where we have a significant chance of bettering our own lives, since the
cost of living is now so high, its getting more and more difficult to buy groceries
for the family!\", says JT McNaught

Web Site =

Contact Details = JT McNaught
85-2111 GlobalWon Free Lottery Rd
Gloucester , K1J 8M8


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