New Web Dialer Defies Surveillance, Eliminates Soft Phone Software

Released on = April 28, 2006, 2:12 pm

Press Release Author = Perry Hartline

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = Unique Masking Ability Makes Web Dialer Immune to Detection,
Assures Personal Security in Severely Controlled Regions; Elimination of Soft Phone
Software Guarantees Portability.

Press Release Body = San Francisco, CA - April 28, 2006 - VoIP TalkFree is handing
its distributors a unique new web dialer - and a triumph over virtually all other
VoIP dialers on the market. TalkFree's new web dialer is masked, rendering the
dialer location immune to local PC tracing. TalkFree clients using the web dialer
cannot be found and followed from source to destination or destination to source as
is the case with soft phone. Caller security and network anonymity is ensured,
making it perfect for use in severely controlled regions.
Secondly the new web dialer eliminates soft phone software to PCs by providing VoIP
service access from a PC anywhere in the world. Access is achieved using a simple
URL reference. If the user's PC is Java-ready, dialer access is instantaneous. If
not, downloading Java makes setup quick and easy. Once Java is downloaded the
dialer can be bookmarked exactly like a standard web page favorite making TalkFree
VoIP exceptionally portable and ideal for use in international geographies.
The web dialer's third breakthrough feature is its high-style GUI. The TalkFree web
dialer's graphic user interface is the most attractive in the world. Furthermore
the dialer is private-brand ready and was created to give distributors and vendors
the ability to present VoIP in rich graphic styling using private brand names.
CEO Paul Falchi in an after-presentation question Q&A remarked, "Our new Web based
dialer is an illustration of countless innovations in TalkFree's pipeline, every
one of them customer driven. We're just starting. This is the front-end. There's
more to come. Want to see VoIP innovation? Watch us, we're the people doing it."
Surveillance defying ability and assured personal security, elimination of soft
phone software, guaranteed portability and a visually arresting GUI raise TalkFree
head-and-shoulders above all other VoIP suppliers in the world. Blending those
features with the best codec and profound voice compression from ground-breaking
partners like GIPS and G.729 puts TalkFree on the leading edge in delivering
emerging world countries the most advanced web application tools on the market.

TalkFree's management team blends the inspiration and vast experience of CEO Paul
Falchi, CFO/COO Daniel G. Yamagishi and Executive VP Erich Scheele.
Learn more about TalkFree at

Web Site =

Contact Details = TalkFree
185 Berry Street ▪ Suite 4809
San Francisco CA 94107
Perry Hartline 916/966-0604
Mobile 916/532-4413
8:30 am-6pm M-F

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