TxReader Professional v1 0 - More than just a quality Text to Speech program

Released on = April 21, 2006, 9:19 am

Press Release Author = Kabware Developments

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = TxReader converts documents into spoken words, listen
instead of read.

Press Release Body = Kabware Developments is proud to announce the immediate
availability of TxReader Professional. TxReader represents a new level of text to
speech functionality and integration with other useful functions such as Safe web
browsing and a Spelling Assistant. TxReader Professional has a very broad appeal due
to its functional integration with other features. Read any web page you are viewing
from within TxReader, simply by selecting and dragging the entire content of the
page of just the bits to which you want to listen. Have all your documents read by
TxReader at the click of a button. You choose the reader the speed then just sit
back and listen. Read emails, web pages, PDFs and much more. If it\'s text TxReader
will read it for you. TxReader support all the voices from all the top suppliers
including AT&T, Cepstral and NeoSpeech. That means having your documents read for
you in the most natural sounding voice in your language by your preferred male or
female reader. Take your important documents and reports on the road with you.
TxReader Professional will convert all your documents into speech as MP3. TxReader
Professional will load and read most document formats, including MS Word, HTML, RTF
and Plain Text.

Time to rid yourself of those problem words. Use TxReader Professional to build a
list of problem words to test yourself. This feature is also useful for giving your
young ones spellings that extra boost. Regardless of age, TxReader Professional can
be used to help improve their spelling ability. Build them a weekly spelling list,
to test their improving spelling ability.
Worries a little less about letting your children browse the Internet when they need
to do their homework. TxReader Professional comes with a built-in Safe Web Browser;
this means no popup, no sly redirects to unintended and possible unsuitable web
sites and of course no downloading of programs. Our safe browser is included as a
free research tool for you and the children.
All elements of the document you are viewing can be dragged or copied into the
reading window to build a document while your browsing. This document can then be
save with one click and loaded just as easily. TxReader Professional is much more
than just a text to speech program.

Contact Information

Web Site = http://www.txreader.com

Contact Details = Address: Private, Private
United Kingdom

Phone Number:
Email: confirm@kabware.com

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