Business Travels Have a New Friend in Recently Launched Website

Released on = May 30, 2006, 1:27 pm

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Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Business travel is all about the bottom line and many
companies are looking for ways to save even more money as budgets shrink. The
launch of this new website provides the business traveler and travel planner all the
information they need to make more informed and cheaper travel arrangements.

Press Release Body = Las Vegas- June 2, 2006 - Business travel is a fact of life for
many workers. Some people find that they are on the go constantly going around the
country and around the world attending meetings, conferences and meeting with
customers. Every business and traveler knows that while business travel is
necessary, they must also watch out for the bottom line and make sure that they are
getting the best deals. After all, the needs of a business traveler are different
than a vacationer and all too often hotels and airlines forget that when trying to
sell you a ticket or a room. launched with the idea or providing a place on the
Internet where business travelers and planners could go to find out the latest
information about business travel programs, offerings and the best prices for
arranging that travel. By putting together a website that is filled with
information on how the business traveler can maximize their travel dollars while
still maintaining a superior level of service, provides
details and tips that will help business travelers understand what compromises this
unique segment of travelers as well as how to get the absolute best deals - no
matter if you travel weekly or just once or twice a year.
Plenty of business travelers have arrived at their destination only to find there is
no Internet access in the hotel, the rental car is too small to hold everyone or
that the hotel charges $20 for a hamburger and the nearest off-site restaurant is 15
miles away. By putting together a comprehensive tips library, helps the business traveler understand more about how he
or she can prepare for such trips.

Frequent Updates Relevant to Business Professionals
No one wants to read about a great hotel for business travelers only to arrive at
their destination and find out it has been turned into a family vacation resort. By
constantly updating and reviewing the articles and resources on the website makes sure that travelers and travel planners have
relevant resources that are not outdated or misleading. The goal of the website is
to help with business traveling and by maintaining high levels of editorial control
and quality makes that a reality.

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Contact Details = Robert Alderton
Post Office Box 3326
Mesquite , 89024


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