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Released on = May 24, 2006, 9:01 am

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Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Citytophotels is a meta hotel reservation guide: Hotel
content is derived from various hotel booking engines and city content is based on and contains links to the best city information which is available on
the net. The objective is to provide you a complete city profile from various net
resources around hotel offerings.

Press Release Body = Just recently I made a short business trip to Barcelona and
surroundings. The schedule left me enough space to visit the highlights of this
city. I googled some time to find city guides and spent hours to review them. During
this time consuming process I realized that I was wasting my precious time visiting
all those city guides that only gave me part of the information I really needed,
amongst other things sophisticated hotel reservation opportunities.

What I really wanted were easy-to-use webpages which would save me much time through
providing me brief city and hotel information and being a good starting-point to
online city guides for additional city information. Besides I would prefer a hot
list of city items like best restaurants, best hotels etc., based on non-commercial
Barcelona visitor ratings which would save me a lot of restaurant, hotel and shop

In that way I decided to develop a private website to provide worldwide hotel
reservation capabilities. It had to become an easy gateway to the best hotel guides
on the net, concised city info and additional city hot items included.

After finishing and having used it successfully for some time for
my own business and private purposes, I chose for a public launch in Mei 2006 for
the benefit of you as a regular city visitor, who may have the same city information
problem as I originally had.

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