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International Relocation is said to be the third disastrous event is a human life as
in order of death, divorce and relocation. Being in the industry for many years and
come across thousands of relocating families of almost every nationality, religion
and race I thought of sharing my experience which may come handy for at least those
who come across this note. The agony one goes through whether moving across the
nation or globe, is almost the same for every people regardless of nationality,
religion and race.

As human being we are tend to have attachments to people, place, community/society,
culture, language, traditions, functions, job, study, furniture, pets - you name it,
the list goes on and on - it depends on individual where you stop. Whether it is
the decision of the individual or the organization he/she belongs to, it is a hard
decision to move from one place to another. You may be able to carry with you few of
those attachments with you but loose most of it.

In my opinion a thorough planning which includes study of the new area/location
personally prior to making the decision to move is very critical. Information and
Promises by your friends/organization etc. -they are all people who knows only very
little of your person and taste - may not be adequate to take a right decision. Once
you take the decision it is your next step to find the right moving/relocation
company who can do the transition in its smoothest possible way.

There are thousands of Moving and relocation companies across the globe who promises
to replant your heaven intact and if you are not watch full end up in hell. Be very
selective, do a research of your own with whom you should move with. My advice is to
use a physical company instead of going with a virtual company as there are
thousands of internet based moving companies who just does the coordination or in my
terms who sells (you) your contact details to many moving companies for a high
price. Do not fall in to trap. You can have a look at which
is a free directory - they do not ask for your contact info and do not offer you a
quotation- of movers around the globe where you can search for moving companies
country wise or city wise. The directory provides you the options as detailed below.

You can search for Moving Companies in any country on moverworldwide - Search by
Country name helps you to find moving companies in a country where you do not have
any contact.

You can search for any moving company by Company name on moverworldwide- even just
with the starting alphabets of a company name. This function allows you to look for
the mover you already have in mind and you want to find in which countries they have
office in their own name.

Detailed listing of every Moving company on moverworldwide is provided in this
directory for you to check the status of the Moving Company like full address,
website, which movers associations they belong to, and the services they provide.

A mover's associations list is provided for you to verify whether the moving company
belongs to that association.

Customs and other useful information about every possible country are also included.

They have provided an article section and a forum which you can make use of to ask

I believe you should have your choice when you move your personal effects though
your corporate office selects the mover to save your time and effort. Usually the
corporate office will choose either a moving company or a relocation company who in
turn will hand over your move to a moving company. Most corporate office allow a
flexibility to make the employee comfortable in their family relocation and most
cases I understand you can demand for a moving company of your choice if you are not
comfortable with the choice of your employer.

Authour: Shiji Abraham

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