MyCyberPhone Launches!

Released on = May 16, 2006, 6:51 pm

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Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = MyCyberPhone, a cutting edge Voice Over Internet Protocol
(VOIP) company specializing in residential telephony launces its first campaign.

Press Release Body =, a wholly-owned subsidiary of eVoice
International, Incorporated launched its first product today. Since its inception
in 2004, MyCyberPhone has researched and developed its Voice Over IP network laying
the baseline infrastructure to launch a full scale VOIP company with special
emphasis on the residential market.

MyCyberPhone boasts its all Tier 1 service and excellent quality sound compared to
other companies that use Tier 2 or 3 lines in order to turn a higher profit at the
cost of quality. MyCyberPhone plans to deliver quality VOIP services to patrons all
around the world with particular focus on the Latin American countries.

MyCyberPhone released its English version of the site on May 15, 2006. The site is
fully loaded with flash files and even links to video commercials explaining how
VOIP works and how customers can save big by using the latest in telecommunication
science. A Spanish version of the site is almost complete and will include video
commercials/tutorials in Spanish.

MyCyberPhone Executive Vice President, Andre Larabie says that \"...most customers
will save 50-75% on their basic domestic phone bill...\" by switching to their VOIP
system. Typically, the average residential phone bill in the United States runs
around $70-90. By choosing \'MyCyber Home Premium\' plan at $24.95/month, customers
can make unlimited calls to the entire United States and Canada without incurring
any extra fees.

Serious savings on international calls is what is driving this new
telecommunications revolution according to Jonathan S Ware, Chariman and CEO of
MyCyberPhone. \"With this new technology, customers can make international calls at
a fraction of the cost of conventional telephone services such as AT&T and Verizon.
People are now callng China for 3 cents per minute compared to 46 cents per minute
with larger named companies.\" is where to go for serious savings on both domestic and
international telephone calls . Sign-up today to get your savings! It\'s a good

Web Site =

Contact Details = Andre Larabie

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