Released on = May 10, 2006, 7:34 pm

Press Release Author = Abraham Antony

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Raffles Movers International, a Singapore based
International Moving company has acheived WORLDWIDE FAIM, the only global quality
award that exists for moving industry.


A Singapore international moving company has achieved the only global quality award
that exists for its industry.

Raffles Movers International pte Ltd joins a growing number of international moving
companies around the world to obtain the coveted FIDI-FAIM (FIDI Accredited
International Mover) quality assurance award.

It comes only after a gruelling company compliance procedure undertaken by world
renowned Management Consulting Ernst & Young, acting on behalf of FIDI, a
Belgian-based organisation representing over 520 overseas moving companies around
the world.

Although sponsored by FIDI, the actual inspection of companies is handled entirely
independently by global Ernst & Young. This ensures absolute fairness of the
compliance procedure, which is claimed to be much tougher than the one used for the
well established ISO (International Standards Organisation). The inspection is
repeated every two years.

FIDI-FAIM is the only quality assurance standard for the international moving
industry and covers every aspect of a company\'s activities in detail. From the way
that telephones are answered, fire regulations maintained and the type of packing
materials used to the security of the warehouse, the FIDI-FAIM standard covers over
500 operational elements.

"It's not just a question of getting the paperwork right, either," says Abraham
Antony of Raffles Movers International. "Ernst & Young interviewed staff at random,
quizzing them on their knowledge of the industry and operational procedures. No one
escaped - they talked to packers, drivers and office staff."

The overseas moving industry is self-regulated and historically, FIDI (the oldest
association representing the industry) has developed the principle of agent-to-agent
relationships. This has meant creating the climate in which companies all over the
world can work together with a measure of confidence in a colleague's ability not
only to do provide supporting services at destination or departure, but to pay its
bills too.

"That may have held good fifty years ago," says Abraham Antony; "but not any more.
Consumers are entitled to know that they are dealing with a quality-certified
company at departure and destination - and FIDI-FAIM is part of a process to bring
the whole FIDI membership to a single standard. So people on the move in Sydney,
Bangalore or New York can be as certain as people in Singapore or Germany of
obtaining the same level of quality when they move overseas."

For further information please contact:
Abraham Antony

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Singapore 729497

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