A Complete Job Search

Released on = June 12, 2006, 2:08 pm

Press Release Author = ACI

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Visit the Hot Jobs and Employment section of
http://www.gabbyinc.com to get the help needed for finding a great job !

Press Release Body =

A Complete Job Search

In response to a great number of layoffs across the country,American Consultants
Inc.(ACI), an Atlanta based company, built a much needed online one stop site at
http://www.2getwork.com 7000 top retailers
and services. Heavy emphasis was placed on employment since many clients of American
Consultants Inc. throughout the country were heavily affected with layoffs and
needed help to finding a job! Many weren\'t familiar with utilizing the internet in
finding assistance so to answer their overall need ACI took the time to research and
contact thousands of companies and placed these contacts on one main site, 2 Get
Work !

*Discover companies that are searching for people to actually work from home..
*Discover tons of IT companies that don\'t advertise online...
*Discover scores of career banks across the country...
*Discover large amount of six figure jobs by fortune 500 companies..
and so much more!

It should be noted that the jobs are countrywide and are growing bigger everyday.
Even job search companies like Monster,Yahoo Hot Jobs,and even Job Searcher .ca
located here actually help increase the overall presence with many special programs
online. However there are programs at the Hot Jobs section of Gabby Inc like, Beyond
that may not be well known but they have access to over 200,000 jobs and offer many
specials like free resume posting,free personal portfolio,free career
evaluation,free industry magazines,etc. !

So visit the Hot Jobs and Employment section of 2 Get Work at
http://www.2getwork.com in your employment search !

Contact Charles for more insights into this topic. Email: thetrueonestop@yahoo.com


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Web Site = http://www.2getwork.com

Contact Details = Charles Myrick
pobox 161336
Atlanta , 30321


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